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Further Development of the Endorphin Trimaran

endorphin-trimaran-modificationSailor / self-boatbuilder Russell Maxwell emailed me a couple weeks ago with an update about his Endorphin Trimaran. He modified the boat in a very interesting way and shares the results with us here.

Also included is a new video of the boat. See below.

It’s summertime in NZ at the time of this writing. I’d love to be there right now. (Thanks for the update Russel!)

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Small Trimaran in Wellington, New Zealand

small-trimaran-in-wellington-nz-1This small trimaran in Wellington NZ comes to us from sailor Brian Nelson. He provides a great summary of this boat along with a few pictures.

Brian didn’t build this boat but is certainly going to enjoy sailing it. This craft is estimated to be about 16 feet LOA and offers comfortable cockpit seating for a single sailor.

(Thank you for sharing your unique boat with us Brain :-)

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DIY Aluminum Boat Dock

diy-dockInstall your own boat dock. One person. Without Herculean effort. That’s the guarantee anyhow.

For those who’ve got both the land and money … a DIY boat dock from a company called Pier of d’ Nort. Then again, if you’ve got the money, do you really want to DIY?

I dunno.

Existential crisis aside … the demo video (below) that shows a guy putting this thing together brings a smile (to me).

How about you? (more…)

Dory Trimaran from “Project Windrigger”

Small trimaran friend Anthony Walker shared this link with us. It features information from multihull enthusiast Ian E. Smith’s efforts for building a proa (although the small tri featured on this page is what we think you may want to see).

The entire collection of links for Ian’s “Project Windrigger” can be found here. It’s certainly a look-see for DIYers :-) (more…)

building a 6.5 Fast Cruising Foil Trimaran

6.5-meter-trimaran-sketchSmall trimaran sailor (and self-builder) Gary Baigent is currently constructing a new design. It’s similar to one of the boats he has built before, except this one is being made with trailering especially in mind.

He sent me a few pics of his progress so far (see below). Pretty neat, considering that he told me he is working based on ideas that have been sketched out “on his shed wall.”


By the way, here is another one of Gary’s trimarans — Flash Harry. (more…)

Rare Glimpse of a Tradewinds Trimaran

tradewinds-trimaran-restored-4Sailor Greg Hardt shares a rare look at an old Tradewinds trimaran that he used to own. (And in case you missed it, he told us about his Piver Nugget here).

There were very few of the Tradewinds trimarans ever built. So this indeed is a treat :-)

I discovered that someone on Cruisers Forum had uploaded images of the original brochure for this boat. And while there, I also found a link about the Tradewinds tri on the SailBoatData website.

Here below is Greg’s info, along with pics of the boat he had. Be sure to click on the images below to enlarge. (Many thanks for taking time to send this to us Greg!)

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Piver Nugget Still Sailing Strong

old-piver-nugget-trimaran-under-sail-2Sailor Greg Hardt shares about his Piver Nugget trimaran in this post. The Nugget is a classic small tri design that helped popularize multihulls in the 1960s.

The cabin makes it an idea boat to use for camp-cruising. And it’s spacious enough to offer a larger degree of comfort than many trailerable tris.

This one that is still turning heads (after many years) on the water. Many thanks to Greg the info and pictures with us. (more…)

Seaclipper 16 Trimaran – Open Cockpit Version Plans Now Available

seaclipper-16-trimaran-open-cockpit-plan-sheetJohn Marples sent the following Seaclipper 16 trimaran information to me today. The Seaclipper 16 is a model originally designed as a 2-person boat with cockpit-style seating.

This new set of plans still allows for that type of setup (should a sailor/builder desire it). But this version offers a fully open cockpit, which of course, allows for traditional sailing/handling of the boat.

I personally can attest to the fact that John’s plans are extremely detailed and the support he offers to builders is 2nd to none. The SC 16 was the first small tri that I built. John always answered any questions I had promptly, via email, and never tired of replying to even my “silly” ones … and I had more than a few of those!

He was very kind to me in that regard :-) (more…)

Building a Cool Finn Trimaran

cool-fin-trimaran-6Sailor Hans Schipper is at it again with another small trimaran building project. Instead of sailing his Triple A trimaran he’ll enjoy a “Cool Finn” tri instead. (See also this original post about the building of the Triple A Tri).

What’s a Cool Finn trimaran?

Let’s find out. I love these diy building projects … especially when they turn out well! All the best to Hans as he works to complete this new sailboat.

( By the way, Hans is selling the “Triple A Tri” … anyone interested should contact him via his email address: fam.schipper AT gmail.com … a couple newer photos of the Triple A can be seen below at the end of this post ) (more…)

The WindKnife – DIY Aluminum Rudders, Daggerboards and Centerboards

windknife-hydrofoilSailor (and self-boatbuilder) Algie Bennett told me about the WindKnife last week. Some of our do-it-yourselfers are really going to love this product.

The WindKnife is essentially a ready-made leading edge for hydrofoils. Anyone building a hydrofoil (regardless of whether it’s a rudder, daggerboard or centerboard) can set the size/shape of what will become the leading edge and then cut the sides to proper size and then glue, rivet or weld them on.

The end result is a strong, light weight foil that fits the design specs of the particular small boat it’ll be mounted on. (more…)

Blokart on Katalyst Potentially a Small Tri Concept?

blokart-sailing-katOne of our readers, Travis Blackwell, sent me the following video clip posted on YouTube. It’s way cool. A mini catamaran mounted with a blokart chair for straight-ahead, comfortable sitting / sailing.

What’s a “blokart”? One might say that they’re a “small sailing trimaran on land.” Here are some websites for those who may not have seen them yet:




Here is the video Travis sent me the link to … (more…)

Great Looking Seaclipper 10 Trimaran Ready for Fun

seaclipper-10-trimaran-with-new-sails-1Here are some pics of a recently built Seaclipper 10 trimaran (see below). We’ve seen the skill of the builder (sailor Bob Trygg) before. I love the name of this sailboat too :-)

Check out the page here and another one here to see what I’m talking about.

The Seaclipper 10 is a fun design by John Marples. We’ve seen it previously in this post.

From what I’ve heard from others, this boat offers stability, ease of handling … and lots of grins for the person sailing it. (more…)

The Trikanu Before the Venture Hobie Trimaran

trikanu-trimaran-3Today we hear again from sailor Travis Haggard. I asked Travis some questions about the Venture-Hobie trimaran he is building and he also shared about a self-designed, self-built sailing canoe he built as his first small trimaran.

His newest project, by the way, if you haven’t seen it yet, is shown here.

His story perfectly exemplifies someone in the “DIY small tri group.” See below for details … (and thanks for sharing this with us Travis :-) (more…)

Sails for Small Trimarans?

mainsail-partsWhere can a sailor get a nice new sail made for their small trimaran? I thought I’d pose this question to the small trimaran community.

If you’re reading this and have a favorite source / sailmaker for getting a good sail made at a reasonable price then we’d love hearing from you.

Please post your recommendation(s) in the “Comments area” below.

I recently got some very good quotes from the following: (more…)

Macgregor Venture Hobie Trimaran

macgregor-venture-hobie-trimaran-1Sailor Travis Haggard has a unique building project going on right now. He is attaching Hobie 18 hulls to use as outriggers on a Macgregor Venture 21 sailboat.

It looks pretty neat too. (See pictures below.) It’s going to be a 21-foot, foldable (and likely very comfortable when completed) trailerable trimaran.

Travis shared the following via email…

I have followed your site for years. It’s a great site for small trimaran lovers so I figured I’d send you a few pics of my trimaran project. It’s a Macgregor Venture 21 with Hobie 18 hulls for the outriggers. (more…)

Elbow Run 2015: Another Windrider Sailing Adventure

windrider-trimaran-elbow-run-campcruise-1Windrider trimaran sailor Rod McLaren shares another camp-cruising trip with us in this post. See one of his previous adventures here.

Many thanks to Rod for sharing this fun mini-documentary with us. Here is his note to me about this most recent Windrider travelog:

Here is a new video telling the story of five seventeen foot WindRider trimarans during a five day camping and sailing adventure on Lake Diefenbaker in Saskatchewan, Canada. This is the third year for such a camping/sailing trip on the lake. The story is told by the five participants and shares photos and videos taken by them during the week, describing the sailing, the storm, a runaway sailboat, and the friendships that formed. (more…)

Futura Trimaran Sailing in Italy

skiff-to-trimaran-9The Futura trimaran is an owner-built sailboat in Italy. The sailor/builder, Pepe Maurizio, is extremely gifted when it comes to boat construction and is obviously familiar with sailing. He has created a beauty here.

Pepe shares info, pics and a video of the boat sailing here. A few of the English sentences below may not be perfect, but I can assure you Pepe’s English is FAR superior to my Italian :-)

According to Pepe, he lives in a lively town on the Adriatic sea … and now I want to visit!!! Many thanks to him for sharing this trimaran project with us.

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Introducing the Zeta – a 14-foot Singlehanded Trimaran

zeta-14-trimaran-illustrationMultihull designer Richard Woods is on a “small trimaran roll” these days. He is about to release plans for another model … a 14-footer this time. It’s called The ZETA.

This sailboat is meant to be built quickly and affordably and especially with singlehanded sailing in mind. The webpage for the Zeta Trimaran can be found on Richard’s website here:

And pdf study drawings can be found here – http://www.sailingcatamarans.com/images/zeta.pdf (more…)

Dick Newick’s Official Biography Published

The official biography of Dick Newick has just been published. His innovative trimaran, catamaran and proa designs went on to inspire scores of multihull designers, especially in America and France.

Here is the title description of the book as it appears on Amazon …

Dick Newick was possibly the 20th century’s most influential multihull designer. Now aficionados of multihulls – including trimarans, catamarans and proas – can now enjoy reading his official biography. This book takes readers through his early years, including kayak building and sailing, and then traveling throughout Europe in the years following WW II. (more…)

CLC Sport Tandem with Sailrig MK3 Project Under Testing

clc-kayak-mk3-rig-trimaran-project-1In this post, sailor Algie Bennett shares even more about the double outrigger sailing kayak he built from Chesapeake Light Craft. Specifically, he shares some info about the additional mods he has made in order to improve sailing performance even more.

Pretty neat. His kayak really flies.

We hope to add a video or two from Algie as soon as they become available. In the meantime, click on any of the images below to enlarge. (Thanks for sharing again Algie!) (more…)

Tremolino Sporting a Jolly Roger

Tremolino trimaran sports a Jolly Roger sail

Tremolino trimaran sports a Jolly Roger sail

Oops, I meant to say this Tremolino trimaran features a Jolly Roger on its sail. My bad.

Still, I’d love to imagine what a real pirate (meaning one from the 17th century) would have said if he’d seen (and sailed) on a real Tremolino trimaran. (I know, it’s enough to make any multihuller smile, right?)

In this post, we get to hear from Kevin Bruce Brown — a real Tremolino owner/sailor living in the 21st century. And his enthusiasm for the boat is pure fun.

trimaran-sailboat-rendering-from-piratebrand.netSpeaking of fun, Kevin is a custom line art illustrator and T-Shirt printer. His PIRATE BRAND website is – naturallywww.piratebrand.net
And and the phone number is – naturally – 888-99-PIRATE (888-997-4728).
smiley-face (more…)

Strike 16 Trimaran in Lima Peru

First sail

First sail

Here sailor/self-boatbuilder Dave Shatwell discusses the building of his Strike 16 trimaran. Dave built this boat in Lima Peru.

The Strike is just one of the small trimaran designs offered by Richard Woods. From what I hear, it features both good looks and performance in the water.

This trimaran began life, however, as a small catamaran. The amas came from a Pixie catamaran model (also from Richard Woods) and to those were added the main hull of the Strike 16.

Dave shares the details, including great pictures, with us below. (Many thanks Dave!) (more…)

Seaclipper 16 Trimaran – Open Cockpit Version

seaclipper-16-trimaran-open-cockpit-design-1Sailor and self-boatbuilder Barney G. has just completed his second Seaclipper 16 trimaran. (You can see the first one he built here).

The main difference between this boat and the previous one is that this craft features the open cockpit version of this design. John Marples, the designer, added the open cockpit version to the original cockpit seating arrangement, that was initially offered in the building plans. Another major difference is the “swing wing crossbeams” that John also developed. This offers the sailor a major benefit because instead of having to fold the amas (which aren’t light) for trailering all that needs to be done here is simply swing them back alongside the main hull. (more…)

Adventure Rowboat Sailing Canoe

angusrowboats-sailing-canoeHow often can you combine the following adjectives to one craft: Double outrigger, rowboat, sailboat … plus cuddy cabin for sleeping?

Exactly. Not too often. One tends to think, “Too many descriptive words to apply to a single boat.”

Friend Stefano shared this link with me last week. As he put it, “A must see.” I agree. It’s pretty neat.

This model comes from adventurers Julie and Colin Angus at Angus Rowboats. It’s available to customers in both plan and kit formats. (Again, pretty neat :-) (more…)

Little Tri Sailing with Boomed Jib

little-trimaran-with-boom-jibOur friend Stefano sent me one of these YouTube videos recently, which features the following little trimaran. It’s pretty neat too.

This boat looks so simple … so straightforward. No frills. And the rig is even more so. Stefano notes the following: “The rig is very unusual ( aft mast and boomed jib only); it is fast and has a lot of lift…”

I wish there was some more info about this boat that I could post. (If anyone knows where I can add some still photos of this boat then please let me know because I’d love to add them in with these video clips). (more…)

The Ocean is Calling – Ngalawa Sailing

ngalawa-double-outrigger-adventureMultihull designer Bernd Kohler shared the following with me this past weekend. It’s a short promotional video featuring a Ngalawa Outrigger sailing. It looked too fun … I feel like it should be posted.

Bernd also wrote: “The outrigger boats from Dar-es-Salaam the so called Ngalawa’s, are ancient boats used for generations in this part of the world. How far back nobody knows. The outriggers are angled planks. The generate the lift to compensate for the sail side force.” (more…)

Custom Self-Built 23-Foot Trimaran

lightweight-23-foot-trimaran-7Sailor Thomas Pell shares his self-designed, self-built 23 foot trimaran with us in this post. It’s pretty neat too. Nice and roomy (it even has a cabin) and yet built with intention for light weight.

Tom has years of experience on the water. This boat sports a combination of features that he has desired in a boat, including performance, comfort and folding crossbeams for easy trailerability.

(Thanks for sharing this one with us Tom!)

……………………… (more…)

Little Tri Leeboard – Some Thoughts

little-tri-leeboards-1(In this post we share some thoughts on leeboards from multihull designer Bernd Kohler. He uses his Little Tri design for illustration purposes.)

Little Trimaran Leeboard – Some Thoughts
by Bernd Kohler

Here is one approach to the discussions found in the “Hybrid leeboards” article. I was very pleased to read that article. What’s interesting is my over complication of some ideas. But it dos not matter; it’s more important to bring the “outside boards” idea up again. (more…)

Chryz10 Trimaran – Speedy Little Dinghy

chryz10-trimaran-18What is a “Chrys10” trimaran? It’s a self-designed, self-built craft that evolved from a non-performing dinghy into a speedy 10-foot sailboat.

This sporty little tri evolved in the mind … and through the constructing hands … of Christofer Olsson, who lives in Sweden. How sweet it is too! Get ready to smile (a lot) as you watch his videos below.

Christofer also shares some detailed pics also, which depict the boat’s construction and transformation into the craft it is now. He said the Chrys10 started out as a small dinghy built “just for fun“. He wanted something that was fun and easy to sail during summer. But then the boat got more advanced. As things turned out, Chris wrote, “… it wanted to be a small, cute, racing trimaran in glasfiber.” (more…)

CLC Double Outrigger Kayak with Mark III SailRig

z-clc-double-outrigger-kayak-single-outriggerKayaker-sailor Algie Bennett built a beautiful kayak using plans from Chesapeake Light Craft. Of course, the temptation to turn it into a sailing machine has taken him down the double outrigger path :-)

Algie lives in the UK and shares some great pics, a video and a nice bit of info here (below). They feature the craft’s outriggers and sail rig in various stages of development. Many thanks to him for sharing this with us. Click on any of the images below to enlarge them.

………………. (more…)

Sardine Run 19 Trimaran to Launch this Fall

The Sardine Run 19 appears to be a new design from Allel Behidj, the boss of Sardine Run boatyard. We featured the first Sardine Run trimaran, designed by Eric Henseval, here.

One obvious point of difference between this one and the first is its specious open cockpit. This one is obviously intended for some serious daysailing. (Thanks to Brain Pearson for sharing this one with us)!

Here is the webpage on the Sardine Run website that fully describes this boat (in French) – http://www.sardineboats.com/voiliers/sardine-run-19/ The pictures above and below are linked to directly from this page. (more…)

Launching of Scarab 18 Trimaran – Midnight Runner

scarab-18-trimaran-launchHere are a couple short videos featuring the launch of a Scarab 18 trimaran. Our friend Ian McGehee sent this to us and I am posting it because these vids show off some neat features of this 18 foot boat.

The Scarab really looks great both close and from afar. And it really does appear to have some room in that cabin. All in all, a very nice modern boat in a small package.

The only disappointing thing about the sailing video is it was taken during extremely light wind … so there wasn’t much wind power available to show off the boat’s performance. I hope the owners of this boat upload some more vids soon. (more…)

SeaRail 19 Trimaran GoPro Video

searail-trimaran-video-with-goproThe following commentary and video comes from sailor (and rep) Phil Medley of the SeaRail 19 trimaran. The video, by the way, was taken by one of those way-cool GoPro cameras.

The video features Phil and Bob Winston, Harbor Master at Carlyle Lake and director the Carlyle Sailing Club. Phil told me that two days after this sail the boat was delivered to its new home on Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota.

(Thanks for sharing this new vid with us Phil!) (more…)

Strike 16 Trimaran for Sale in Miami

strike-16-trimaran-for-sale-in-miami-8Sailor (and home boatbuilder) Carlos Solanilla is selling his Richard Woods’ designed Strike 16 trimaran. (And for a great price too!) We’ve previously featured his boat here and here and here.

Carlos is reluctantly parting ways with this boat (as he explains below). He shares some great pics and some insights that come from enjoying this boat in the past few years. (more…)

Corsair Pulse 600 Trimaran Review on MySailing.com

corsair-pulse-600-trimaran-featured-in-mysailing.com-articleHere is the link to an article reviewing the Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran on MySailing.com …

When I caught sight of the fire-engine red Pulse 650 at Sanctuary Cove, my first reaction was “wow”. We all know red things go faster than other coloured ones, but the Pulse’s sleek design screamed “sail me”.

Fortunately, I got that chance on Moreton Bay last week when I took the demonstrator model for a spin in ideal conditions – the winds were gusting to around 12 knots off the land so the sea state was very kind. (more…)

Lorient to St-Barth Ocean Crossing in Trimaran Abandoned

multi-23-trimaran-ocean-crossing-attemptHere is a story featuring a small trimaran that friend Ian McGehee brought to my attention this past weekend. A couple very experienced sailors planned to cross the ocean in a modified Multi-23 trimaran, staring in France and ending up in St. Barth’s, on Friday, July 17, 2015. The latest update to this story is that they had to abandon this journey yesterday because of bad weather.

You can read the full story here. (more…)

Self-Built 16 Foot Trimaran Sailing

homebuilt-16-foot-trimaran-under-sailHere are a couple of videos featuring a self-built 16-foot trimaran sailing. This small tri was constructed by sailor Mike Perras and it appears he did a very nice job. (I found these vids on Mike’s YouTube channel).

I’d like to get some more info about this tri and am hoping to hear from Mike so I can post some pictures and details about this sailboat in the near future. (more…)

Hybrid Daggerboard / Leeboard for Self-Built Boats

daggerboard-leeboard-unit-smallLooking to build either a daggerboard or leeboard for a self-built boat? Smalltrimarans.com contributor Ian McGehee shares the following information for anyone looking to build either one. He was inspired to share it based upon a post from a couple weeks ago.

What is great about this setup is that it can be used to experiment where the best position for the foil should be if you’re not sure. Ian provides explanation via simple illustrations below. (Thanks to Ian for sharing this with us!)

……………… (more…)

Trimaran Innovant Concept in France

trimran-innovant-in-franceSmalltrimarans reader Ryan Galloway shared the following video with me regarding the Trimaran Innovant. It appears to be a concept design from students at the Université de Technologie de Belfort Montbéliard, in France.

As Ryan noted to me, “In regards to the feasibility of construction, unknown; but the presentation overall is fantastically illustrated.”

It is indeed, greatly illustrated here. Great short video … it could be copied by anyone interested in selling a authentic building plans and/or commercial boats. (more…)

Mohawk Canoe Converted to Trimaran

mohawk-canoe-trimaran-10Outdoors man, fisherman (and now sailor) Eddie Kubek has fitted a used Mohawk canoe with double outriggers. It’s pretty neat-looking too. The amas were taken from an old Windrider that he picked up for $400.

Oh, he also equipped it with a peddle drive. He has already used the boat for fishing and is finishing now for his first sailing adventures this summer.

Kudos for Eddie for creating this new craft, on an economical budget, using his own vision and ingenuity (and a little help from a welder friend)! (more…)

Snowgoose Trimaran in the UK Ready for Finishing

snowgoose-trimaran-in-uk-1Jerome B. shares here about an owner-built trimaran he purchased that was built in France. (Jerome lives in the UK).

It’s a beautiful looking boat – named SNOWGOOSE. He is going to fine-tune the rigging and get things working more efficiently though, as you’ll read in the information he sent to me (below).

The boat doesn’t have any daggerboard or leeboard at the moment, which probably one big reason why the tacking isn’t going very well yet. But that is an easy fix.

I am sure Jerome would welcome any input from experienced sailors based on what he shares here.

Jerome hopes to send up some more pictures (and also some video) after his coming tweaks. Many thanks to him for sharing info and pictures of this boat with us (click on the photos to enlarge them). (more…)

List of Trimarans on Tacking-Outrigger.com

tacking-outrigger-sitePeter Evens current runs tacking-outrigger.com. He has added a list of 47 trimarans on the front page of his site that can either be built or commercially purchased.

Most of these boats are featured here but Peter has created a very nice list of thumbnail images with links to various websites where one can go for more info. According to Peter, it’s not “a completely definitive list, the idea is to give non experts a reasonable idea of what trimarans are available to buy or build.” (more…)

Race to Alaska Includes Small Trimarans

r2akFriend Ian McGehee just sent me info about the Race to Alaska. He noted that the list of participants includes teams that are sailing small trimarans.

These include: a couple F-boats, a Multi 23, an L-7, a WR 17, Hobie AI and even a Triak.

Here is an article from Port Townsend’s newspaper about the race And here is the Race to Alaska Facebook page.

Here is a video from “Team Soggy Beavers” who are sailing (and paddling) a OC-6 outrigger canoe.
Their official website is Canoe to Ketchikan (more…)