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Chuck Leinweber, the proprietor at Duckworks, sent me the links to 2 new small trimarans this week. Duckworks is offering the building plans for both of these sailboats, which were designed by Paolo Lodigiani and Matteo Costa, who hail from Italy.

Chuck said these fellows mostly design other kinds of boats but they’ve also created these two small trimarans for self-builders. He also noted that he was impressed with the thought that went into these two boats.

The first one is named TRICKY FIVE TRIMARAN:

Tricky Five Trimaran

The TRICKY FIVE has been conceived for a precise scope: to realize a boat, which in relation to its size would maximize the ratio between speed and cost. This means that for a determined cost for materials and hours of construction required, it would be the fastest possible … cont …
Click here to read more about the fast economical trimaran called TRICKY FIVE.

And the second one is called the TRILLO TRIMARAN:

Trillo Trimaran

For those who design boats for amateur boat builders, the small cruise trimaran represents a complex and stimulating theme. The challenge is to simplify its design and facilitate the construction of a boat which, in itself, is rather complex … cont …
Click here to read more about the small cruising trimaran called TRILLO.