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For the last few weeks I’ve been working on a brand new Small Trimarans book (book #2). I tried hard to come up with a creative title for this one too — and I think I got the creative juices flowing and maxed out to a boiling fever pitch. As a result, I finally settled on a name for this new book on small trimarans. It’ll be entitled, (drum roll please)“More Small Trimarans”.


Is that creative … or WHAT? Hahahahaha

Seriously now, the name is okay (I think) because the whole purpose of this new book is to be a continuation of the first book (except be even better). More Small Trimarans will feature a larger # of interviews/chapters than the first book (and more pictures) … but it’s essentially an extension of both format and content.

The following multihull designers (below) have been interviewed and their contributions are being transcribed, edited and formatted for publishing. I’m SUPER excited about this book because it includes designers from Canada, the Pacific Rim and Europe, as well as the U.S.

So far, here is a current list of interviewees and the trimarans that’ll be featured in the new book …

The Tri-Star 18 Trimaran … with contribution from Ed Horstman

The Strike 18 Trimaran … with Richard Woods

The Nicky Cruz Explorer Trimaran … with Graeme Delaveau

The W17 & W22 Trimarans … with Michael Waters

The Tridarka Trimaran … with Steve Isaac (a.k.a. Chief of WaterTribe) & Matt Layden

The Bandit 800 Trimaran … with Ronan Quin-Huard

The Astus Trimarans … with Pascal Guignabaudet

The Tritium 720 Trimaran …. with Paolo Bisol

The Predator Trimaran(s) … with Paul Dawson

The Sardine Run Trimaran … with Eric Henseval

The “Moving Finger” Trimaran … with Tony Grainger

The Adventure Trimaran … with Mark Zollitsch

The Kolibri 23 Trimaran … with François Maillette

The Little Wing Kayak Trimaran … with Ted & Zac Warren

The Challenger Trimaran … with Rob White

The Constant Camber 23 Trimaran … with John Marples

The Searunner 25 Trimaran … with Jim Brown

Pretty cool … or what? The thing is, many of these guys also talked about a few of their other models, and “trimarans in general.” So it all makes for fascinating “armchair sailing” … er, I mean reading.

Speaking of U.S. designers … as you can see, I was honored to be able to speak to 2 super-well-known guys who’ve been on the cutting edge of modern trimaran development for decades now — John Marples & Jim Brown. They’re going to be featured at the very end of the publication.

Both John and Jim shared a LOT of very cool stuff from their backgrounds and their current projects. I think you’re going to love hearing from them, including the short stories they share! (John also shared an amazing number of tips and tidbits about boat building that are simply fascinating).

I hope this new book is ready to publish by the end of January 2010. We’ll see. But in the meantime, don’t miss this audio from Jim Brown speaking about his brand new design, which he has named the “SeaClipper 20 trimaran”. You can even “right click” on this link and download it to your desktop for listening on your iPod (or other favorite audio mp3 player).