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3 Small Trimarans Built by WaterTribe Guys

Sailor Eric Marechal sent me the following link to a trimaran named MOSQUITO, which competed at the Everglades Challenge this year. I’d love to find out more about this boat. (Perhaps I can do an interview with the builders/sailors :-)

The following images are linked to directly at their webpage at http://sailnaway.blogspot.com/

Click on this link to see more photos of the trimaran named Mosquito at the Everglades Challenge this year.

And Tom Raidna (from buildboats.com) sent me the following link, which goes to this Duckworks page featuring a couple of small trimarans built to Roger Mann, who goes by the Watertribe name of JollyRoger.

These images are linked to from the Duckworks page:
The first is Roger’s XRT Trimaran Canoe

And this image shows of his Triplaner trimaran

Here are a couple of Roger’s YouTube videos featuring the XRT …



  1. This was through http://www.bandbyachtdesigns.com/ you can get more inf there, they had some teething troubles, but overcame them an had a fuitful trip.

    John Farrell

  2. Alan Stewart (SOS, his dad is Paul) and his mother Dawn (SandyBottom)completed the 1200 mile Ultimate Florida Challenge (the Everglades Challenge was just the first stage), surely a good day for small trimaran enthusiasts. The caveat is that they switched to a canoe for the 40 mile road portage and the following 300 miles of river. They even finished the EC on time despite being held back more than a day at the start line due to the teething problems. Wow!

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