A Bazooka Trimaran Still Sailing in New Zealand

I’d never heard about the Bazooka trimaran model until a couple weeks ago. Small tri sailor and enthusiast Graham Wheeler sent a whole bunch info about it. And today, we all get to enjoy what he shares in this post.

After seeing where Graham lives, and also seeing that he has been able to own a couple of very cool little boat over the past few years, I think I’ve finally learned how not be a little envious here! Well, okay, maybe this isn’t exactly true … but I’ll keep trying ;-)

Anyhow …

You may recall that, a couple years ago, Graham wrote about a Supernova trimaran he’d purchased and was sailing back then. Apparently he sold that boat and has recently been working to restore a Farrier 18 trailer tri. But in the meantime, he has also purchased this used Bazooka tri.

Graham shares, “This boat was designed and built in N.Z. It’s 12-feet long, carbon fibre mast , can sail 2 up, and has a main only, so it’s quick and simple to rig (15 minutes). It’s also cartopable. Everything packs away into the main hull for transport or storage. Very cool.”

At the time he wrote, Graham hadn’t yet taken the boat out for a good sail. Hopefully, we can get an update from him about how the boat performs in different conditions.

As for the following info, Graham must have taken a bit of time to both scan the original sales brochure of the Bazooka (which he got permission to do from the boat’s former builder in New Zealand), plus he took photos.

According to Graham, no Bazookas have been build for several years. But the builder still has molds etc and they can be still produced. He shares both the brochure and pics with us here. Many thanks to him for all of this!

Here is the original Bazooka trimaran sales brochure (in pdf)

Click on any of the images below to enlarge them …

Main vaka hull of the Bazooka trimaran

Bazooka trimaran fully assembled and ready to go sailing



3 Responses to “A Bazooka Trimaran Still Sailing in New Zealand”

  1. Robert Says:

    This sort of boat – light-weight, beachable (and can be moved from high tide line to the water at low tide), can be paddled, can carry 2 with camping gear, is exactly what I have been looking for. If only it were still in production, and inexpensive. Robert

  2. Small Tri Guy Says:

    I hear you Robert! I know a lot of guys (and gals) are going to echo your sentiment.

  3. James Says:

    My old man bought one of these new, I think it was built in Queensland. I inherited it a few years ago.
    It can be tricky to sail upwind, and could really use a jib to help it tack in light winds, paddles well though.

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