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Snapshots of a Discovery 20 Trimaran

Friday, January 10th, 2014

I was contacted a few days ago by Alain, who has owned and sailed a Discovery 20 trimaran since 2009. He name of this boat is ā€œTRI AGAIN.ā€

Alain is selling this boat because he has just bought a Corsair. But he has thoroughly enjoyed it while he has owned her. He shares a little bit more about it just below. (more…)

Discovering the Discovery 20 Small Trimaran

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Imagine a fast, small trimaran that enables you to not only move out to windward on a trampoline when it starts to fly, but also offers something many small trimarans do not … a “very comfortable” seating situation for up to 4 adults.

As a matter of fact, the small trimaran Iā€™m referring to allowed its designer to take his 75-year-old mother in law out for a comfortable ride in this day cruiser. And would you be surprised if I said a renowned trimaran (and catamaran) yacht maker created this sailboat?

Probably not.