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grande-trimaran-1Kayaker Eric Light is putting outriggers on his boat. He has published photos and general info about the building project on his blog, which can be found here.

For a general overview of this project, check out this page: http://golightlythroughthisworld.blogspot.ca/p/blog-page_22.html

Eric writes:

What I liked about Michalak’s “Rio Grande” kayak was that it’s small and yet it has the capacity to carry some gear. I’m hoping to do some camping with it, around the Gulf Islands here, as well as day sailing wherever I can put in locally.


I designed the amas from my own experience, and listened to some friends’ advice as well. They’re an experiment, which is why I made them out of door skin. I thought I’d see how they work, and then make new ones if the design needed tweaking.



(We look forward to seeing this one on the water Eric)