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A Newick Somersault 26 (or Outrigger 26)

One of the members of our small trimaran community, Mitchell Hay, generously shared the following with me … along with a beautiful picture (below) of his boat. I asked him if he’d let me share this information with other small tri fans.

This Newick design is very rare, as Mitchell explains below. But it sports a look that is sure to turn heads. — “Small Tri Guy”


I co-own a Somersault (named “Seraphim”) with Bill Doelger, an experienced racer of Newick Tris. It’s a 1990 model hull, #10 of 12 or 13 made before the small company (Outrigger Co.) that made them stopped building in the early `90’s. I’m biased, of course, but I think my Somersault 26 is the prettiest small tri design on the water.

We bought it on Ebay three years ago and have been slowly fixing/replacing old stuff.

She doesn’t fold, but goes together like a Tinkertoy, with the Mastodon-tusk shaped akas fitting into sockets in the amas and main hull. Only the shrouds and trampoline hold them in (which keeps it a strictly coastal cruiser for me– there is no redundancy.)

It’s a four-hour process to assemble/break down. I’d hate to do more than once a year.

She is graceful and very fast on the water. The amas flex with every wave, giving it the feel of a living creature.

A yellow one is for sale in Florida for $29,500. They very seldom come on the market, and I don’t know how many of the original dozen still exist. The mold was chopped and shortened by the former owner of the Tremolino Co. to create a 25 ft folding Trem big brother.

Dick Newick very generously sent me some of the original drawings of the boat (called Summer-Salt in the drawings.) It became Somersault the first couple years of production; then, changed it to Outrigger 26. I think the total run was only three years, maybe four.

Small Boat Journal did a comparison in 1989 of two Newicks (Argonauta and Somersault/Outrigger), the F-27, Dragonfly, and its cousin, Firefly. Very informative article, and helped me in my decision-making. Here is the link to the Somersault 26 article.

Mitchell Hay

Dick Newick's Outrigger 26 or Somersault 26

Dick Newick's Outrigger 26 or Somersault 26

Here are a few more pictures (below) of Seraphim anchored off Valcour Island on Lake Champlain. (Click on the images to see them in full size). And you can see some more Outrigger 26 pictures by clicking here.


  1. Hello Mitchel, nice boat!
    I sailed a weekend on Lake Champlain last year, launched at Point aux Roches state park.
    I would like to go again later this summer. Any tips on where to launch? We could do a 2 boat cruise maybe?
    I am in Montreal. It takes me about 1h30 to launch single handed. The longest is to rig the boat.
    Olivier (scarab22)

  2. Reply for Olivier

    Hi Olivier
    I am on Lake Champlain, though perhaps its too late for this year.
    I can direct you to a good launching site, with space to spread out and a decent, wide, cement launching ramp. If the timing is right, be pleased to also help you set up. (Also have a tri mooring not being used much since I sold my Dragonfly). Not far south of Alburgh, VT so only about 20 mins south of the border. 70 mins from Pont Champlain.
    email me for info
    wate100 @ earthlink .net

  3. Does anyone know of an outrigger 26 currently on the market? The Yellow one has been sold.

  4. To Mitchell Hay,

    Just a breef meesage to let you know that after 15 years of sailing in the Caribbean (with the previous owner) , I have transported an old but restorable newick outrigger 26 to Holland. I will try to bring this boat back to “as new” condition these coming years as indeed this is a wonderful sailing machine. I think I can say this after owning an F31 for many years.
    Now I wonder how many of the old outriggers are left to your knowledge adding this one to it.

    Richard Bokkerink

  5. Where can you purchase the Outrigger 26 in the USA??

  6. Years back I knew the builders of the Outrigger 26. It was built in an industrial loft in the North side of Chicago. Eventually they moved to the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake and we lost touch. I still have original brochures for the boat, should anyone be interested.

  7. Note to Fred Goldfarb: I’d like to see the Outrigger 26 brochure, and learn what you know about the builders and their experiences. I’m always amazed at what little commercial success multihulls of this type have in the marketplace. While difficult to build, there must also be weak demand. As they say, no accounting for taste! Cheers, Ed Kelly Seattle.

  8. Hi Ed, I’ve actually been corresponding a bit with Fred about the Outrigger 26 trimaran brochure. If he sends it to me then I’ll post a link to it here.

  9. Hello Michel, nice boat!
    I sailed the 01/08/2010 at 12/08/2010 on Lake Champlain Ausable Pin State Park with your Tremolino 23 (very happy this boat) I would like the picture inside outside the your boat or brochure trimaran Outrigger 26(where I can buy) sorry my english
    Thank you

  10. Please Mitchell Hay contact me Daniel the St-Sulpice your Tremolino 23 l like to see somersault 26 I have vacancy 24/09/2010 at10/10/2010 Thank you ( coldaniel AT videotron DOT ca )

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