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I like dreamers. But I LOVE those who dream and then DO something to pursue that dream! This past week small trimaran enthusiast Valery Gaulin shared his current boatbuilding project with me — an aluminum trimaran.

The following pictures represent one of the most unique concepts that I’ve ever seen for a small trimaran … which is actually a trimaran sailing canoe made with metal. Valery designed it and his building it himself.

As you will see from the pictures (below), this sleek looking outrigger sailing canoe is long (29 feet). The main goals were to create a sailboat that is fast, easy to trailer and easy to set up. When it’s finished, the boat will be able to fold from 20 ft (with the outriggers extended) down to 8 ft (for trailering).

The pictures below include screen shots of the original design concept. But the design is still a work in progress. Tweaks are being made on the design throughout the building process.

If all goes well, this aluminum trimaran may end up being the “prototype” for a future kit for homebuilders. (Wouldn’t that be cool ;-) As Valery pointed out to me, “The assembly can be done only with a screwdriver, a pop up rivet plier (special pop rivet) and a grinder.”

Wow … wouldn’t that be cool! It would create an affordable way for many do-it-yourself sailors to acquire a high performance small trimaran. (I’m cheering you on Val !!! :-)

Small Tri Guy Note: It was challenging for Valery to take these pictures because the boat takes up his entire garage. Thus, it was hard to get at the right angles for good photos. So I want to thank him for taking time to both take and send these to me. He has also offered to do a write up and share even more information about this small trimaran building project (including the inspiration for it) in the near future. When he does I’ll post it as an update to this article.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the full sized photos …