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aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-3Aqueous Solution is a tandem, double outrigger kayak. To be more specific, it’s a 20-foot long Little Wing Tandem Sail from Warren Light Craft.

It’s now for sale by it’s owner, Jackie V. who enjoyed sailing it on lovely Lake Champlain – situated between Canada, Vermont and New York.

This kayak is described by Jackie below. She also shares a great day’s sailing experience with this particular craft.

Soon, a new owner will be able to rig this lightweight sailer-paddler for new adventures on the water. (Thanks for sharing the story of Aqueous Jackie!)

Anyone interested in inquiring about it should contact Jeff Hill (CPYB) at BruceHillYachtSales. All of the available pictures for the boat can be seen on this webpage.


Aqueous Solution
by Jackie V.

I did a google search for kayak sailing rigs a few years ago and came across the warren light craft boats. I have sailed my own feathercraft kayaks with downwind sails for years, and a Greenland folboat with a reaching sail and leeboard. I was keen to move to the next level of sailing.

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-1In 2015 I decided to use some of my savings to buy a sail boat so I could really enjoy the limited free time that I have. I first I demoed the Warren single in Georgetown and liked it.

I liked the idea that it can be used as a kayak or sailboat, and the Carbon Fiber build suggested it would really fly and be durable. I wanted the tandem so I could sail single handed or with a friend. I thought it would be possible to sleep on the trampoline (turns out this isn’t practical in many situations).

I think some reinforcement around the attachment points for the fore and aft beams and centerline of the hull would be good. I don’t like the seals on the water tight hatches. The original gaskets were way too thin and not very compressible, so it was very tricky to seal properly. Thus the very large stern compartment could flood and that is bad – though you wouldn’t sink.

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-2I’ve since had those old gaskets replaced and the new ones, which are much improved, are wider and more compressible. I think a double gasket system would be even better. Interestingly, when I sent me report to Zac and Ted Warren, I gave them ideas on how to improve the seal. I noticed afterwards they had double gaskets on the new kayaks.

A flip up rudder mechanism or, better but more complicated, a controlled break point in the shaft with a retaining cable, might be a good idea. The sailing rudder is big, and if you hit something it is gone and when you are under sail that is not fun. That happened to me this summer, because the lake level is so low. I carry an outrigger paddle and with that I made it to shore, but then I’m a very good kayaker. After a disappointing customer service experience with WLC, I had a new one made by the marina – but it was very expensive.

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-3There are a few nicks in the CF but these were repaired. If you use a boat stuff happens. This does not bother me in the least. It’s still a very nice looking boat!

My main use of this boat has been daysailing. I really love this, but I feel like I don’t kayak anymore and I don’t like that. Also, I took sailing lessons in in 2015, and discovered I really love sailing keelboats, and was surprised by how quickly I learned to handle a 27 ft soling. I’m buying a J70 for next summer, which I can take 2-4 people on as opposed to one, and I can weekend on it as the cabin is small but I am 5’4 so ok for me.

I strongly recommend getting a Torqueedo 503 for this boat. That motor is perfect as it is super light, can be taken apart and stowed when you don’t need it. There is a mount installed.

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-5The boat is a bear to paddle when the wind dies, and it is very hard to get out of or into a crowded marina slip if the wind is against you, in part because the boat is so light. Less important if the boat is kept on the beach. This would be perfect if you had a house on Lake Champlain, and if that were my situation I’d probably keep it along with the J70.

I live in Montreal, so I kept the boat docked. I have to say that is not as good a plan as I thought it was. I can put it together on my own except for stepping the mast. It’s light, but the center hull is too heavy and too long for me to put on my j-rack alone. So I was kind of stuck.

I feel completely in control sailing single handed in 15-20 knot conditions, 20+ with 2-3 ft swell on lake Champlain is thrilling. I have not gone out above 25. The design is such that you cannot flip unless there are large breaking waves, unless you do something really nuts.

aqueous-double-outrigger-sailing-kayak-4My greatest day of sailing this boat included blue skies, 15-20 knots with 2 ft swells, whipping along on a close haul, between rouses Point NY and Alburg VT. Running down wind, the boat started to come out of the water a bit, I felt like I was flying and to some extent I was. I felt I was skipping from the top of one swell to the next!