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The following press release came to me this week from Windrider. I thought I’d post it in full for smalltrimarans readers in case anyone missed it.


Press Release
November 1, 2016
Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A.

Contact: Dean Sanberg, President
dean AT windrider.com

Australia Dealer for WindRider International

windrider-trimaran-fun-with-fourWindRider International is pleased to announce the appointment of a new dealer for Australia. Bouvard Adventure Sports is based in Mandurah Western Australia and will take delivery of a container of sailing trimarans shipping this month. Bouvard Adventure Sports is working with Port Bouvard Yacht Club to launch an adaptive sailing program utilizing the WR-AS model trimaran which accommodates individuals of all physical abilities. The WR-AS is under consideration for use in the International Paralympic Games.

WindRider International along with its manufacturing division Nickels Boat Works, has a mission to encourage more people to sail and for those who do sail, to sail more. Nickels brands include one-design Lightning, Buccaneer, Mutineer and JY15, with thousands of boats in fleets around the world. In addition, eight models of sailing trimarans include WindRider brand manufactured in the U.S. and French made Astus trimarans. The WindRider online store has replacement parts and accessories for most models of sailboats. Go Sail with WindRider.

In Australia, please contact:
Gavin Visser
Bouvard Adventure Sports
Western Australia
gavinvisser13 AT gmail.com
Tel. No: 0412886737