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Sailor Jan Cudak put some nice outriggers on his small Bolger-designed monohull. Things may not always work out the way they did for him, but we love it when they do :-)

The outriggers, by the way, were designed by Michael Storer and can be purchased either at Duckworks or via Michael’s website.

I mentioned them in 2014 on this page. And Jan shares the following pictures and video with us.

Many thanks Jan!


Jan writes:

Just wanted to share some good experiences…

Purely by chance, I saw Michael Storer’s outriggers on his website while I was looking for a bigger boat to build, and I decided to put them on my Bolger Teal. What a pleasant surprise that was!

The Teal takes a lot of concentration in stronger winds although it’s a lot of inexpensive fun on the water. With the outriggers, sailing it has become totally stress-free and longer trips are something my wife and I eagerly look forward to.

The Teal has (surprisingly) a lot of room for two people, and, with a little net suspended between the amas, there is now a little extra room for a tent and other gear.

Despite the humble 59 square feet of Bolger’s fantastic leg-o-mutton rig, the little boat moves along quite well. As a consequence, we are both hooked on building a real trimaran this winter.