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6.5-meter-trimaran-sketchSmall trimaran sailor (and self-builder) Gary Baigent is currently constructing a new design. It’s similar to one of the boats he has built before, except this one is being made with trailering especially in mind.

He sent me a few pics of his progress so far (see below). Pretty neat, considering that he told me he is working based on ideas that have been sketched out “on his shed wall.”


By the way, here is another one of Gary’s trimarans — Flash Harry.

Thanks to him for sharing this new building project with us … we’re already looking forward to seeing the end results!


Gary shared the following via email …

6.5-meter-trimaran-sketchThe idea for the 6.5 x 7m is to have a swinging beam – to fore and aft for trailering; the floats and foils slope outwards (slightly radical) so as to fit on trailer without having to remove foils.

It’s an idea that started when building Sid.

The 6.5 is pretty much the same overall concept as Sid but with slightly larger hull and not quite so cramped and miserable accommodation.

Rig will be smaller version of Sids … 9m wing mast of around 400mm chord.