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Sailor Oliver Blanc built a Kendrick Scarab 22 trimaran and chronicled his 3-year (1500+ hour) building project here. The great pictures he took will surely help others want to follow in his footsteps.

He states the case very clearly as to why he chose to build this small trimaran model in glass/foam/res rather than wood on this page . His log serves to remind anyone who is dreaming of starting a boatbuilding project that costs have to be accounted for beyond money. Sheer willpower may become a more important ingedient for success than a bank account before things are all said and done.

Building a boat isn’t for the faint-of-heart. And building a fiberglass boat takes more heart (in my opinion :-) than building with wood. I still prefer wood for small trimaran construction. But if I were building a bigger tri (meaning yacht proportions) then I’d go for fiberglass construction.

That being said … Oliver ended up with a beautiful boat. Kudos to him for his workmanship and commitment to see such a comprehensive building project through!

Note: There is an independent review of the Scarab 22 trimaran (and a dozen others) in a report by naval architect Michael Waters, which is available at www.smalltrimarandesign.com.