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New Chryz10 build for 2017

Another Chryz10 trimaran from sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Christofer Olsson? Yes!

We’ve seen him in action before, including here and here.

It’s almost finished and ready for sea trials. (We’re looking forward to that report. And check out his blog too — www.chryz10.com :-)

Chris tells the story about this new boat below. And he shares a some pics and a “walk-around” video as well.

(All I can say is Chris’ sailing mind & boatbuilding skills amaze me. Seriously.) (more…)

Finger Mullet Trimaran in the EC

The FINGER MULLET is a trimaran that completed in this year’s Everglades Challenge boat race. There is an article about how it was built on Duckworks.

Our friend Stefano Moretti found this article and sent it to me after seeing pictures of this boat as having participated in the 2017 EC. (Another great find Stef … thanks for sharing it with us! :-)

We’d love to find out how this boat performs under sail. Perhaps its owner will share some more info about FM with us here on smalltrimarans.

Triple A Trimaran with Rowing Flappers

Sailor Hans Schipper has been tweaking his Triple A trimaran some more. He has come up with some rowing flappers.

It seems like coming up with a boat motor alternative is on the mind of small tri folks lately. Hans offers some pics and a short video below.

He writes:

The sailing season is starting up slowly. Last week I was invited to show a presentation of the Cool Finn om the Hiswa, the biggest Dutch boat show, as a example from creative re-use of old material for the Amateur Boat Building Award. I received an honorable mention. It was nice to be at at the boat show and meet other boat lovers. (more…)

Randy Smyth Wins (Class 5) 2017 Everglades Challenge

Sailor Randy Smyth has done it again. He won the small multihulls class of the 2017 Everglades Challenge on his trimaran SIZZOR.

Only this time, he has used a new;y patented Wing Rig to do it. If you scroll down to the end of the pictures that are linked to on this thread at the WoodenBoat Forum you can see a couple pics of it.

To get the scoop on this new rig, however, check out Jim Brown talking about it on his podcast here.

You’ll be glad you did … it’s so cool :-)

Paraw Double Outrigger Sailing Canoe Plans

Sailor Lorenzo Acompañado II has published plans for a 20-foot Paraw. The Paraw is a traditional double outrigger sailing canoe in the Philippines.

Lorenzo has published some information, along with boatbuilding plans for a Paraw, on his website: https://samaloutrigger.wordpress.com/

The following text and pictures and video are shown on his website (and used here with his permission)…
(Click on the images to enlarge them a bit) (more…)

How to Scull a Multihull

Sailor Hans van der Zijpp wrote an article about how to scull a small multihull. It has been published by Duckworks Magazine but Hans also wanted to share it with readers here at smalltrimarans.

Be sure to check out the short clip of the actual sculling process on the Facebook page he shares a link to at the end of his article. It really does work well. It’s evident that a lot of time and thought went into thinking about it. (more…)

Predator Trimaran Molds Available for FREE

predator-trimaran-molds-availableURGENT Predator Trimaran News …

I interviewed developer Paul Dawson about the Predator trimaran concept in my 2nd book. Loved the concept and features of his approach for offering sailors a commercially-produced and affordable trailerable tri.

The very limited market for these boats in his area, however, has made it a tough place for the venture to be commercially successful. Paul has the molds for these boats stored in a boatyard that now wants them off their property. This could be a great opportunity for someone with the means to acquire these molds and set up their own small trimaran business very quickly … provided they like the concept of the Predator trimaran(s). (more…)

Searunner 25 Trimaran Restoration Continues in Minnesota

searunner-25-trimaran-restoration-continues-7The restoration of the Searunner 25 trimaran in Minnesota continues. And see here also. I received the following detailed info and pics from sailor John Ebert, who is really going the extra mile to restore this classic tri.

If you’re someone who loves “technical information” then you’re going to love this post! It’s important to note, however, that what John shares below isn’t techie for “techies’ sake” … it’s very practical.

IMO, John’s info is going to give a lot of sailors some food for thought as they work on their boats. (more…)

Unique Foils Trimaran Almost Ready to Sail

foil-outriggers-trimaran-5Sailor Gary Baigent is almost finished building his unique, self-designed trimaran. This boat is going to use foils as its outriggers.

Gary is a very experienced waterman and builder, but this is certainly “out of the box.” I don’t know that I know many guys who would attempt anything like this.

We’re already looking forward to hearing about the sea trials for this one.

Gary wrote the following when he sent the below pics to me a few days ago. Click on the images to enlarge. (Thanks for keeping us updated on this boat Gary!) (more…)

Growing the 10 Foot Trimaran Class

10-foot-trimaran-class-rendering-2Sailor and small trimaran afficianado Aurelio P. is working to build up a 10 foot trimaran class. With this goal in mind, He has additionally created a whole bunch of renders and pdf docs featuring a new 10 foot trimaran design.

We’ve already seen him working on his own 10 foot boat here and here. And he even set up a website for the 10 foot class here.

These can be seen (and downloaded) below. It is Aurelio’s hope this information will ultimately help sailors build their own boats so they can participate in future regattas. (more…)

Sailing Paraw – Photos, Including Rigging

borocay-paraw-rigging-30 After seeing our previous post featuring Paraws, sailor Bill Lovelock shares the following pictures with us. He took these photos of sailing Paraws in Borocay in 2009.

Many of them are wonderfully detailed when it comes to the rigging of these unique boats. So many thanks to him for sharing them with us here!

Bill also shared the following when sending these pics:

Here are a few photos I took of Visayan sailing paraws in Borocay in 2009. I believe there are some close-ups of the steering setup. (more…)

First Strike 20 Trimaran Now Sailing

strike-20-trimaran-sailingI just received the following Strike 20 Trimaran info from Richard Woods. He has been selling plans for this sailboat for awhile but this is the first one sailing (video below).

By the way, Richard says he is offering the following special deal for smalltrimarans.com readers. He writes, “Plans normally cost GBP250, but if people say they saw them on your site I’ll sell them for GBP200 (USD300)”

Isn’t that cool? (Thanks Richard … we appreciate that very much :-) (more…)

DWX Epoxy for Boatbuilding

working-with-epoxy-resinI just discovered a new product being advertised at Duckworks. It’s billed as a new type of epoxy that offers some terrific benefits not currently found with most other epoxies right now.

Since I’m a big fan of Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply I’ll assume the product’s claims are genuine (at least for the moment).

I dislike working with epoxy. It’s a major component in wooden boatbuilding these days and I’ve used it for both the boats I’ve built. It’s never been easy for me to work with though. (more…)

4.5 M Double Outrigger Sailing Canoe

4.5m-double-outrigger-trimaran-10Small trimaran sailor (and self-boatbuilder) Andrey Titorenko shares his boat with us in this post. Actually, he shares both his online photo album here, with lots of pics and a google translation page filled with relevant info to match his pics. (Andrey’s native language is Russian).

This boat has some unique features. It’s sure to generate some discussions and get the creative juices flowing for more than a few guys with building project of their own.

Many thanks to Andrey for sharing this great looking sailboat with us. (more…)

Searunner 25 Trimaran – Deep Restoration

searunner-25-trimaran-restoration-2As per our previous post regarding this Searunner 25 trimaran … it appears its new owners are wasting no time in restoring her.

John E. sent me lots of great photos of progress so far. (I am amazed at both the speed and skill these guys possess when it comes to boat repair.

Here are just 7 of the restoration pics sent to me. I am attempting to show the depth they are going to fully repair this boat — and even perhaps make it better than new. This will certainly be true of the ama deployment system, which they’ve engineered to make it possible for just one person to unfold the amas on the trailer to get the boat ready for launching on a ramp. (more…)

Seaclipper 13 Trimaran Building Project in Canada

seaclipper-13-trimaran-building-project-7The Seaclipper 13 trimaran is one of the newer small tri models designed by John Marples. Sailor Don Thompson is almost finished building one in Ottawa, Canada.

It’s a very nice looking one too. Don was kind enough to take a whole bunch of pics and share them with us.

These photos reflect 7 months of work. Don estimates he has put about 400 hours into building the boat so far. (more…)

What Makes Trimarans Fast

what-makes-trimarans-fastOur friend Stefano recently sent me the link to the following trimaran article (in pdf). It’s written by multihull designer Tony Grainger.

Tony is one of the boat designers that I interviewed in the book, “More Small Trimarans.”

A lot of readers might find the article’s content very interesting … or even just a plain good ‘ole read. (I hope so anyways.)

If you’d like to check it out then click here in order to open the pdf document. (more…)

Bazooka Trimaran Updates on Facebook

bazooka-trimaran-renderingThe following info comes to us from Toby Johnston, CEO of Ezifold Yachts LTD, regarding the E3 Bazooka Trimaran. Toby sent me a couple links to Ezifold’s facebook pages. It has to do with answering inquirers’ questions about Bazooka updates that are currently being made.

I’ll quote some of what is on those pages, but encourage readers to click the links to see the posted images on each page. Their first facebook page is here and the second one is here.

— begin quotes (more…)

Easy Reefing Sail on a Small Multihull

ulua-easy-reef-sailCheck out this video posted by Gary Dierking featuring a single outrigger Ulua sailing canoe. The emphasis here is on the sail itself.

Whenever I see something like this I always think about what Gary D. says about trying to “get the biggest bang for the buck.”

In this case, it would be more like trying to “get the most performance from an economically created sail that is also one of the easiest to reef.”

Watch the short video clip and see for yourself. (more…)

Still More on the Classic Piver Nugget Trimaran (Jim Brown Audio Interview)

jim-brown-sailing-his-piver-nugget-trimaran-late-1950sHere we feature one more short audio interview with Jim Brown talking about the Piver Nugget tri. In this audio clip, Jim talks specifically about certain Nugget design features that all came together very well.

Jim’s explanation really coveys how the Nugget’s design offered self-builders an opportunity to get out on the water and experience multihull fun … on a budget. And the word “budget” is key here.

Economy. Affordability. Accessibility. (more…)

Jim Brown on Arthur Piver’s Frolic & Nugget Trimarans – Part 2

arthur-piver-designed-jim-brown-built-nugget-trimaran-1This is part 2 of my interview with sailor / boat designer (and long-time multihuller) Jim Brown. This segment focuses on the Piver Nugget trimaran.

I’ve also posted a very short video clip of Jim (as a young man) sailing his old Nugget, which comes from one chapter of Jim’s video commentary of “Among the Mutihulls”.

Jim was “there” during the emergence of modern multihulls in the 20th century. His own Nugget trimaran was a sailing machine too … his description of it in the longer video is pretty neat. (more…)