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Classic Cross 18 trimaran  looking fresh!

Classic Cross 18 trimaran looking fresh!

Here is an update from Cross 18 trimaran sailor Eric Dahlkamp. We last heard from Eric in this post. But now he shares the following about this great, classic small trimaran sailboat (By the way, the name of his sailboat is CROSSWINS … kinda cool):

I decided to keep my Cross 18 and am so glad I did! You may be interested to see a short video after my upgrades.

Added tramps and splash rails for less spray, tighter jib sheeting for upwind performance, used Prindle 16 battened main, new custom made roller furling foresail, painted cockpit and gunnels white and added red design highlights, built tiller for multiple sailing positions, added asymmetrical spinnaker, painted mast and boom, added much needed sheet and tramp bags, and more.

She points so tight to the wind it’s uncanny! Performance has increased several notches and visually she’s a lot brighter! A great boat for a 30 year old design and build! She’s still a beauty in my opinion!

The painting and mods were done this past winter over five months after I retired. The tramps in particular fit beautifully.

Believe it or not the splash rails of all things were perhaps the most challenging to fabricate and install. One issue remains – the boom is from a Hobie 16 and way too long for the Prindle foot. But so be it – works just fine.

I sail all over northern Utah and now that I am retired I try to get out weekly! This past winter was so mild I was able to get out in March in close to 70 degree weather. Mountain sailing is challenging at times. Distances are an issue and wind can be a fickle commodity.

In Summer it’s really spotty and unpredictable. Spring and Fall is when we get our best sailing. Been skunked more often than I care to admit. Nothing like the good old days in Hawaii. By timing sailing as fronts pass through the gusts can peak over 25 knots.

Generally I get out on smaller bodies of water requiring lots of tacking. She’s perfect for that – tacks on a dime. Love the boat. Easy to single hand. I honestly have never enjoyed a boat as much as I do Crosswins.

She’s now dry as could be hoped at speed, faster and so much tighter to the wind, to say nothing of how pretty she is. She suits me perfectly. I’m now working on getting all my friends and relatives I promised to take sailing out on the boat. Fun. Maiden voyage with new bells and whistles is attached. Quite a contrast to original.

Here are some pics (and a couple of vids):









Here is a video featuring the boat as it looks now …

Eric’s YouTube Channel is here – https://m.youtube.com/results?q=cross%2018%20trimaran&sm=1

And here is the boat’s maiden voyage in 2010 –

And here is the boat on the water after its upgrade –

UPDATE 05/27/15 – The info above included very light wind during the maiden sail. According to Eric, “here are a few shots of her at speed in 28-39 mph (per National Weather Service) this May 12th at Willard Bay, Utah. She performed famously at the edge of her limits for her size given the wave conditions … she isn’t just pretty to look at, but truly is a very seaworthy and able craft too!”