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The Cross 18 Trimaran is still (in my opinion) one of the best-looking open cockpit daysailers out there. The lines and shape of the boat, for some reason, appeals to me in a way that others do not.

That being said, it’s important a boat perform well under sail … and this is where we have to listen to those who’ve sailed one.

In this post, Cross 18 trimaran owner/sailor Eric Dahlkamp shares a little about his sailboat, named “CROSSWIND.” Eric previously shared about this craft at duckworks. Now we get to have a look-see too … thanks Eric :-)

(Note:)Jeff Turner, who now sells the Cross 18 building plans was interviewed previously on smalltrimarans here.


A Little About the Cross 18 Trimaran CROSSWIND
by Eric Eric Dahlkamp

Ever since acquiring this boat, I’ve sailed her in most lakes and reservoirs in northern Utah. Day sailing mostly, with one long excursion on Bear Lake.

A Beautifully-Built Cross 18 Trimaran

CROSSWIND is excellently maneuverable and sharp tacking. It has a well-balanced rudder and is perfect for single or double sailing. It points high but will improve considerably with tighter sheeting, as in Jeff Turner’s arrangement for the jib (I purchased all the hardware and sheets).

Cross 18 Trimaran on the Trailer

My favorite time to sail this boat is when conditions are windy but flat. Chop tends to make her pretty wet. And she is wet at speed without fore and side tramps. I had a set made for that reason.

She is preferably a two person boat – but I’ve had four adults and two children aboard with no problem. One does want flat conditions for that.

Cross 18 Trimaran with Lovely New Sails

CROSSWIND is in great shape. It was meticulously built and finished. Its exterior paint is epoxy – hard as nails. (The cockpit was varnished though and needs re-coating. It could be epoxied).

There are a few minor scuffs on an ama bow due to docking, but there is no damage anywhere. And the black annodized mast could use painting.

Cross 18 Trimaran Ready to Go

The trailer for this Cross 18 trimaran is custom-made and has two spares. And it also features new sails.

I purchased a used spinnaker and all new sheets and pulleys/cleats to mount. I should also re-coat the wood finish in cockpit, mount a tighter jib sheeting system, and mount the spinnaker rigging. But it already has an excellent long-shaft 2003 Honda 2hp 4-stroke.

Cross 18 Trimaran on the Beach

Everything is pretty pristine since she has been so lightly used. This boat wasn’t used at all by the builder before he passed away – and only one season by me. (I didn’t sail her in 2011 due to knee surgeries).

— Eric

Finally, here are a few of Eric’s videos, which feature this Cross 18 sailing on the waters of Utah (Eric’s brother Nick is at the tiller in the scenes below)…