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Small tri reader Jens Wellejus shared the following with me this week from a Craigslist post in Denmark.

He wrote:

“16 foot project boat up for sale in Denmark. Cheap too. The seller is asking some 200 usd. Not negotiable”http://www.dba.dk/anden-type-selvbyg-trimaran/id-1033620870/?

If the boat is indeed selling for $200 then it could be a fabulous deal for someone who knows what they’re doing (meaning, they have the knowledge to finish the building process and transform these now-separate hulls into an efficient sailboat.)

I don’t know how long this will be posted on Craigslist, but I do link the pictures below to their locations within the CL ad. I used Google translate to obtain the below description of the boat, which is in Danish.


Self-propelled trimaran project, 16 feet

Trimaran is sold as a project to be completed.

A really nice project for those who want a cheap boat and have the courage to build it.

The main hull has been completed and is simply glued with epoxy and fiberglass in a plug at the bottom, as there has been a marine drive. (Fiberglass and epoxy included!)
Row is already made and mounted, with raise / lower function.

In addition, the two pontoons must mainly be fitted, painted and painted.

Everything on the pictures is included. Of which can be scrolled. mentioned:
– Main hook
– Pontoons
– Supports, to get the project up to a reasonable working height
– Wood, for completion of the project
– Epoxy, glue and fiberglass in different widths
– Hot plate to get epoxy glue up in temperature that is working to work
– All profiles for mast, as well as connecting the two pontoons with the boat.

I have taken over the project myself last year, but due to my current situation, I do not have the opportunity to finish it. Therefore, it would mean much that you as a buyer also really want to continue the project. Original owner announced when I took over the project that he had posted over 15,000 – DKK in the project.

Fixed Price.