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Now here is a homemade trimaran project that is bound to make a few of small tri lovers smile :-) And why shouldn’t it? It displays all of the creative ingenuity and fortitude that would be required to build just about any boat.

The thing is, however, this isn’t a designer tri. It’s a totally homemade rig (which really tend to end up as a real mess for most individuals). This one doesn’t look too bad though.

Totally cost for this puppy? According to the DIY builder on the Instructables Website … just $200!

Wow. Talk about an inexpensive small trimaran.

How is that for economizing? See the end result for yourself …

See what a little ingenuity and elbow grease can accomplish? I love it.

If this isn’t your bag, I understand. But if you’re “inner builder” is struggling to get out and be freed, then by all means draw some inspiration from these do it yourselfers. Click here to go to the “Instructables” page and see a lot more info and pics about DIY Homemade Small Trimaran.