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Sailor Bill Genevro shares the following pictures with us of a small trimaran in Tahiti. He was able to get these shots even though he was about to leave.

We’d love to find out more about this boat and we’re grateful to Bill for taking time to take these pics and pass them along to all of us!

(Click the images below to enlarge.)

He writes:

Just returned from Tahiti where I was reminded it makes more sense to charter a 40 foot cat and own a small tri.

While visiting a vanilla plantation on one of the islands I came across this interesting trimaran shown in the attached photos. It is approximately 19 to 20 feet long. main hull built out of strip planked wood, fiber glassed inside and out.

Not sure how the amas are built. The lashing arrangement was very interesting and I wish I had taken better photos but my crew was in a hurry.

Did not get a chance the see it sail but the rotating mast and tall rig indicate it was meant to be fast.

Bill Genevro