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Launch day for the Drifter 17 Trimaran took place several days ago. Mark G. kindly shares the following digital pics of his first sail in the boat with us here.

Mark didn’t write up a full progress report. But he did say the boat really got going several times in a couple of the stronger gusts under the self-built mast. There is little doubt he’ll be able to better judge this tri’s performance after getting on the water at least several more times and tweaking things.

It’s obvious that a tremendous amount of thought and effort has gone into every aspect of this craft … from conception … to construction … right on down to how to safely get it on the water with a custom-fit trailer. So the rewards of now being able to enjoy the Drifter 17 trimaran must be shwwweeeet :-)

Drifter 17 Trimaran Ready for Launch

Self-Built Mast on the Drifter 17 Trimaran