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Drifter 17 Trimaran Launch Photos

Launch day for the Drifter 17 Trimaran took place several days ago. Mark G. kindly shares the following digital pics of his first sail in the boat with us here.

Mark didn’t write up a full progress report. But he did say the boat really got going several times in a couple of the stronger gusts under the self-built mast. There is little doubt he’ll be able to better judge this tri’s performance after getting on the water at least several more times and tweaking things.

It’s obvious that a tremendous amount of thought and effort has gone into every aspect of this craft … from conception … to construction … right on down to how to safely get it on the water with a custom-fit trailer. So the rewards of now being able to enjoy the Drifter 17 trimaran must be shwwweeeet :-)

Drifter 17 Trimaran Ready for Launch

Self-Built Mast on the Drifter 17 Trimaran


  1. Mark:

    I was following your construction posts with much interest as you built your Drifter. The tri looks great. Congratulations on your launch.

  2. Beautiful, elegant, proportionate, wonderfully built… what else ? ! ? :-)

  3. Hi Mark
    Well done she is a beauty. I’m sure that we are going to hear more once u get used to sailing her. Of course the million dollar question is are u going to make the plans available for sale.

  4. Hi Peter,
    To my knowledge, no plans will be offered for this boat. It’s a difficult one to construct and the detail required for both plans and Q & A support would be very high.

  5. Hey Mark,

    Also following your progress and WOW, nice job! This would be the perfect size for me and my wife…looks fun. Hopefully you will post some You Tube videos of here sailing!


  6. After the emails I had from Mark, he will offer plans, but later :

    on the 28/04/11, he wrote indeed :
    [quote]I didn’t design it to sell plans, it was just what I wanted for myself.[/quote]

    but the 28/04/11, he answered to my questions:
    [quote]I didn’t say I wouldn’t do plans, just that I didn’t design the boat with that in mind. I already have a guy in South Africa who is interested in building one, but I told him I wanted to sail mine first to see how everything works out. I would just do basic drawn plans, not with a computer. But I have taken lots of pictures, and would include them with the plans so people could see how things go together. This would be aimed at the more experienced builder.[/quote]

    With the “World Buzz” about his boat, I believe he will sale plans, with some restrictions : this building is for experienced people…

  7. Hey Eric … if this is true then you’ve got “the scoop” brother :-)

    If plans are offered for this boat then it’ll be important for a plan-buyer to know ahead of time if a certain amount of ‘consulting time’ is going to be offered for follow-up Q & A (or not). Boat designers usually assume that boatbuilders are going to contact them with further questions after buying a set of their plans … so they figure that assumption into the price. A plan seller doesn’t HAVE to do this, of course. But it’s always good for boat plan buyers to understand what does and does not come with a set of boatbuilding plans before making the purchase.

    As you’ve already noted for this sailboat … it would be a project for more experienced builders. But if Mark eventually does offer plans for it, then it’s going to make a certain number of guys very happy, I’m sure.

  8. I appreciate all the kind words and interest in the Drifter 17. I think most of you out there would laugh if you saw the plans I used to build this boat. I’m a hands on designer, and most of the details are figured out as I go. So there would be a lot of work to do to make plans most people could follow. I did take lots of picture, which is very helpful. I’m string at anchor in a beautiful little cove on a local river, having my breakfast as I write this e-mail. That’s what this boat is all about.

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