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I just saw something that caught my eye on Duckworks. A product called the Scullmatix.

Based upon a couple recent posts about “sculling a small multihull” I thought it may be of interest to some of our readers.

The following info is taken from Duckworks’ sales page for this product. Be sure to visit their webpage here to get the full story / images / pricing / etc.


What is it?

The Scullmatix is a simple device to make sculling a boat almost automatic. It is made from 1/8″ stainless steel plate and has two 5/16″ SS carrage bolts with wingnuts. It weights just under 2 lbs. It is very robust – it should last several lifetimes.

A little history

Nearly a year ago, I learned of Guy Capra and his amazing automatic sculling machine. He had invented a simple device that would allow anyone to move a fairly large boat around with a single oar. You have probably seen this done, especially in movies set in Hong Kong or similar exotic locations where the natives propell their sometimes large craft with the simple use of an oar over the stern of the boat. Perhaps you tried it yourself and found it impossibly hard to do. Guy’s genius is that it makes the process as simple as wagging the end of the oar back and forth. Here is the video that Guy made after his first prototype: