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I got to speak with Boat designer Dudley Dix briefly today. I’ve wanted to interview him about his small trimaran design called “Threefold 6“for awhile now. I’m going to make this interview another downloadable “bonus chapter” and offer it as part of the book on Small Trimarans.

Dudley shared with me this small tri is one of his older models (designed back about 1982). He said if ever re-designs it he’ll make the sailboat totally buildable using simple stitch and glue construction method. The plans right now call for the main hull to be built using a conventional frame … with only the amas coming together with stitch and glue. That being said, a new Threefold 6 trimaran has been built fairly recently by a Russian boatbuilder named Oleg Zelinskiy.

In November of 2008 Oleg took this small trimaran out into the Black Sea — in some really strong wind conditions. He said he was very impressed with how the boat performed. It’s a testimony to this little trimaran’s solid, proven design.

Check out the 3 videos below for some interesting glimpses of this nice looking 20-foot trimaran. I really like the curvature on the bottom of the boat, which you can see very well in the second video clip.

Here is the main webpage for the Threefold 6 Multi-chine plywood trimaran.

Here is Dudley’s Threefold 6 Builders’ Notes.

This video shows Oleg Zelinskiy taking the Threefold 6 for a nice little cruise (in southern Russia).

This is a video of the Threefold 6 tri in Oleg Zelinskiy shop.

This longer video (below) was sent to me by Oleg Zelinskiy after he saw this post. If you live in Russia (or Europe) and would like to contact Oleg about having a boat built for you, his contact info is as follows …. Address: 7/1 Zakharova str., Krasnodar, Russia … Tel: +7-861-210-0036 … Fax: +7-861-210-0036 or 210-0037 … Email: Anastasiya Tcyplenkova … Website http://www.chernomor.su