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When posting about the Trika 540 just last week I had no idea a new expanded model has already resulted from it. The boat’s designer, Klaus Metz, is calling it the TriRaid 560 trimaran.

I accidentally discovered the story behind it a few days ago after emailing Klaus with a question about the Trika. Anyone interested in that boat is probably going to enjoy seeing the TriRaid too. Klaus explains how these specific modifications came about here.

It’s pretty neat too. When Klaus wrote last week that he expects the Trika design to be a “lively” design he wasn’t joking.

Anyone interested in ordering plans for this “TriRaid” version of the Trika should contact Klaus directly via his website here.

Special thanks to Roger Mann, who is a central figure in this conversation … and the photographer/copyright owner of these photos. (Images are posted with his permission. I also went a little crazy again and posted over 20 of his pics :-)


Creation of the TriRaid 560 Trimaran
by Klaus Metz

triraid-560-trimaran-build-1aThe new TriRaid 560 trimaran was designed in cooperation with Roger Mann, who is well known in the WaterTribe community.

Roger purchased Trika 540 plans two months ago. After discussing his needs – he wants to participate in the 1200-mile UFC next year – we decided to design a more capable boat.

Because of the tight time frame it was important to keep the design as simple as possible. Roger wanted to use the Hobie TI rig, akas and Mirage Drive thus there were less components to build. (Thus, I am calling the boat “TriRaid 560 RM” (Roger-Mann-Version :-)

triraid-560-trimaran-build-1bHe is using the Hobie rig because it is very easy to reef. For for light winds he will have an spinnaker on board.

The boat could cope with a more powerful rig but he needs a good overall performance and easy handling (reefing) thus we had to make concessions in sailing performance. However, I am confident that it will perform very well. We will see!

triraid-560-trimaran-build-1cI also will design a more powerful full battened rig with jib and plywood akas + alum crossbeams (as for the Trika) for those who not want to use the Hobie parts or want to save some money.

Roger used 6mm liteply for the main hull and 3mm for the amas and glassed all hulls outside and also the bottom of the main hull inside.

Here are the specs of the TriRaid 560:

  • Main Hull length: 5.60 m (18’4”)
  • Min Hull Beam: 0.70 m (27.5”)
  • Displacement to DWL: 250 kg (550 lbs)
  • Ama Length: 4.06 m (13’4”)
  • Ama buoyancy (each): 150 liter (330 lbs)
  • Ama beam: 0.25 m (9.8”)
  • Sailing Weight: 87 kg (192 lbs) incl. Mirage Drive + Well (Without Mirage Drive and well it would be approx. 9 lbs lighter.)

triraid-560-trimaran-build-2He started with building the boat from scratch at 10/21/13 and had his first sail last Saturday. Wow! It was a really pleasure to work with him.

As you can see on the photos, this boat is for those who like a rough style without any frills. It took quite an effort for me to design it this way but after a while I came to love it.

I think the style suits this kind of boat because it is an adventure trimaran and not an “only-nice-weather” boat.

triraid-560-trimaran-build-3Roger is using components from different boats and it seems to work. But I will add drawings to the plan package for those who want to build them themselves.

If anyone is interested in this boat they should check out Roger’s blog: http://rogermann.org/blog/

And here is a very comprehensive description about the design specifications: http://watertribe.org/jollyroger/new-adventure-expedition-design-started/




Here is the link to a short video of Roger’s first TriRaid trimaran sail:

Additional Photos Here: