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Kayak sailor Raul Ricci shares about his boat with us in this post (from Peru no less). How cool is that?

He shares some pictures (below) and promises to send in a video or two the next time he goes out sailing.

Thanks for sharing with us Raul


Expedition Double Outrigger Sailing Kayak
by Raul Ricci

I am sending you some photos of my sailing kayak trimaran.

When I worked doing my kayak trimaran I had the pleasure of seeing your website and I appreciated so much of your open mind and passion for small trimarans.

I like to sail alone every weekend along La Punta beach and Isla San Lorenzo. I live in Peru.

For me the main aim was to build a sailing kayak with the best sailing performance but with a hull that is easily driven. This is an expedition sailing kayak suited to sailing with rigid amas and ample sail area. I use the Chesapeake Light Craft design, Mark I outriggers for amas and I designed the main hull or vaka from my own experience, and listened to some friend’s advice as well.

What I liked about this custom design was that its and yet it has the capacity to carry enough gear. A relatively narrow beam that allows for paddling with the amas in place.

The resulting design used polyester resin and fiberglass construction and features two enclosed sea kayak style cockpits. The main hull is 22 foot and the amas are 12 foot.

In addition the design has a kick up rudder with a blade from an old Hobie cat and also has a custom centerboard.

Actually, I am planning to make another main hull but this time more smaller; I am thinking that 17 foot is enough and will be lighter with less weight to take out of the beach.

In general it’s very comfortable and the response of the rudder is very precise on all points. The rig has two rotating mast with sleeve sails.

With a little jib and main sail, and later I add a mizzen sail, this will give me more or less 150 square feet of sail.

If you want to see more about this boat check my little blog: http://anandatrimaran.blogspot.pe/