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I received the following F-22 Trimaran Press Release from Ian Farrier a few days ago. Ian’s successful marketing and patience with the progressive development of the F-22 as a production model are bearing fruit.

He isn’t just a boat designer and builder, but a small trimaran pioneer who probably has a better pulse on the market than perhaps anyone else in the world when it comes to the “top-of-the-line” watercraft.

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Ian also sent the photos (seen below). Click the link thru to his website and see more info and photos of the F-22 trimaran …


F-22 Trimaran Production Update

The second half will be next, and the first full float will be finished later in January. We should then have the capability to make a complete float once a week in February, and then two a week very soon after.

More details and latest photos of the F-22 Trimaran can be found here .

The main hull mold is still in process, and whatever time this takes will be the main factor in determining when the first production F-22s will be ready. As it looks now, the mold will be ready in February, at which point we can start on the first production hull, and will then finally be in a position to build and deliver actual boats sometime later this year. Production rate can then be ramped up very quickly in order to help satisfy what has become a very long waiting list.

Meanwhile another custom built F-22 has just been delivered by Noosa Marine in Australia:

F 22 Trimaran Folding System

F 22 Trimaran in Production

F 22 Trimaran Side View

F 22 Trimaran Long Side View