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Sailor Thom Davis shares the video he made during the first sail of his newly acquired SeaRail 19 trimaran. He also created his own video showing how the folding system works on the water.

The sailing video’s opening theme song will also likely bring a smile to your face (if you’re of a certain age, that is :-)

Thanks for sharing these vids with us Thom!


First SeaRail Sail
by Thom David

A while ago you did a writeup on the SeaRail 19 project. Thought you might like an update on the boat. It now is, of course, a folding trailerable trimaran…

Using the formulae I provided a while ago, this design should be a really fast boat. In fact, I’ve been sailing it for a short while now (I took delivery of Hull #12 earlier this month) and I can attest that it is faster than my old F24 trimaran. The boat’s specs put it at 1.06 with two persons on board (Weta is 0.98 with one person on board)…so the boat is very fast (Pulse 600 is 1.02 in case you want to compare Corsair’s small tri). Of course, numbers are just that, it is sailing that makes the difference. Here’s a video I took on my first sail on it in 9-12 kts breeze…