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This kayak is a Kestrel 140 — a well known 14-foot “sit-on-top” model. Its owner, Dirk Ouellette, decided to have it refitted as a trimaran in order to have even more fun with the boat.

Dirk sent me an email and described this one person sailboat as a “skookum little bullet.” (How is that for a turn-of-phrase :-)


The re-fit was done by a company in Qualicom Beach, Vancouver Island, British Columbia called “Lightspeed Kayaks.” They have a line of sailing rigs especially made for kayaks.


I asked Dirk how he developed the idea to convert his canoe into a trimaran and he said, “I realized as an ex-whitewater boater from Portland, OR., that sea kayaking was what was available on Vancouver Island. It was pretty boring, just paddling around. I needed some speed having learned to sail as a young boy. I searched and found Lightspeed … and their sailing rigs. I took my Kestrel to them and they transformed it into a trimaran.


Type of materials used to build the crossbeams & amas: “Aluminum for the akas and fiberglass for the amas

Type of a sailing rig used for the boat: “Go to the Squall Series at http://lightspeedkayaks.com/media_pics.html for an in depth view of Lightspeed’s sail rigs.”


As a further note: Dirk is selling this single-seater because he is now in the market for a bigger boat so his new wife can go sailing with him. Anyone interested in this yellow Kestrel trimaran kayak may contact Dirk at his email address … hapibeli AT gmail DOT com