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rio-grande-double-outrigger-sailing-4dSelf-boatbuilder / sailor Eric Light is now sailing and paddling his new boat. We first saw what he was doing in our first post about the project here – http://smalltrimarans.com/blog/a-grande-small-tri-project/.

Eric sent the following update to me (read below) this past weekend. So great to see the results of his efforts.

The 4 pictures I’ve linked to here come from Eric’s building blog and are copyrighted by him (I link to these images directly on his site. Be sure to check it out because he has lots more info and pics there.

Pretty neat. I love the sail on it too.

(Thanks for sharing this with us Eric :-)


“Rio Grande” Double Outrigger Kayak
by Eric Light

I wanted to do a launch with just John and me, so we could work out any problems that might arise. Fortunately, nothing major. It was an exciting morning for me, marking the end of a four-month-long project (a kind of birthing).

Check it out at the blog: http://golightlythroughthisworld.blogspot.ca/


Tentative official launch is tomorrow (Monday) morning at 10:00 a.m. at the Oak Bay public ramp. Some might see me on this web cam a bit later, hopefully flitting about in a sweet breeze.

My last niggling doubt was dispelled as I drove cautiously into my underground parking (6’ 8” clearance) after the pre-launch for the first time (a day of firsts!), waiting to hear a little “crunch” from above as I inched forward. She fits!! YAY! Turns out, the bow is the highest point, and I could see it. I was thinking that the forward end of the coaming, which I couldn’t see, was what might hit. There were inches to spare.


I’m very happy with my build, and can hardly wait to go sailing again! Looking at the photos John took this morning, I can’t believe I did what I did in building this boat (with John’s help)! Everything just seemed to fall together and to work out right, down to finding the rudder blade that happened to make a perfect leeboard, and the broken paddle that fits perfectly and is ultralight.


Thanks once again to John Booth, Victoria’s Mr. Maker Man and my hero! :-)

John had a lot of input to this build; in materials, know-how, boating savvy, and metal work.

— Eric

P.S. – I’ve already been asked if I’m doing the R2AK! I knew it would happen, hahaha! Not this guy. I might go camp-cruising, once I’ve got more confidence in the boat and familiarity with how it handles, but that will probably be the extent of my boating adventures this summer.