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Haines Hunter Trailer Tramp Trimaran owner Mike Annear shares the background and following photos with us from a sailing trip to the famous “Shark Bay.” Shark Bay is located in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia and is designated as a World Heritage Site.

Look at the photos and ask yourself, “Can a guy have much more fun than this?

I am a little envious at the moment. Not too much. Just an itty-bitty little bit. :-)

But seriously, thanks for these photos Mike. (Maybe Mike will share a more extensive write-up of his sailing adventure with us in the near future).


Mike writes:

Hi Joe,

I am from Western Australia and, at 50, have just taken up sailing.

About a year ago I bought a 1980’s Haines Hunter “Trailer Tramp” (Farrier design). You probably know it’s a 20-foot trailerable, fiberglass day-sail tri.

I just spent a week sailing it around “Shark Bay” here in Western Australia and would like to share some photos with others on smalltrimarans.com

Shark Bay is a stunning place, well suited for shallow draft cruising.

Kind Regards,
Mike Annear

Click here to visit Mike’s “Shark Bay” webpage, where you can see all of the images he has posted from his camp-cruise there.