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The Holopuni OC3 trimaran is a 30-foot outrigger sailing canoe from Hawaii. It’s exactly the sort of boat that first attracted me to trimarans.

Pure fun. Watch the 2 videos below and see what I am talking about. Please note that all images have been linked to directly from holopunicanoes.com and are their property!

If I ever get to Hawaii I’m gonna have to take a ride on one of these :-) Here is the way these sailing canoes are described on the Holopuni website:

Holopuni-which in Hawaiian means “to sail everywhere”, will be the upcoming outrigger canoe on the market with a sailing rig currently being designed specifically for this canoe.

“Holopuni OC-3 and the OC-3 Sail” is the three person, 30′ Hawaiian outrigger canoe that has evolved over the past 20 years to meet the many challenging needs for paddling, sailing and camping in the wide variety of conditions found in Hawaiian waters.

Some features of the Holopuni are:
It can be paddled comfortably by two people and swiftly by three. It can also be paddled by just one person, it is sleek enough to track well either paddling or under sail, yet it has enough rocker to surf in very extreme conditions, it has enough volume to carry a full load of camping gear as well as three paddlers and can easily be rigged with a sail, bigger set of iako and ama off either side of the main hull for stability.
This turns the standard paddling OC-3 into the OC3/Sail..

The following images come from this page

And these images are linked to from this page (awesome kite sail too!) …

This 1st video specifically features the Holopuni trimaran …

This 2nd video features a bunch of Hawaiian double outriggers in action …