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Last month I received a call from the US West Coast distributor for Weta small trimarans. If you haven’t heard about “The Weta” yet, and you’re in the market for a small trimaran that combines “beach-cat type” performance with trimaran benefits, then read on …

The Weta trimaran is probably going to appear at a beach near you soon. And when they do, you’ll probably see a crowd gathering around these fast, fun daysailers pretty quickly.

One thing that makes the Weta so attractive as a small trimaran model is its versatility. This little tri offers outstanding performance for the single sailor, an exciting ride for a couple, and a nice safe ride for a family with little children … all rolled into one little sailboat.

Occasionally, you may hear a story about how a company quickly develops a product and then rushes it to market without proper testing. To the best of my knowledge, this isn’t what happened when the developers of the Weta created this boat.

Weta’s manufacturers seem to have been very careful about making sure the various aspects of the boat’s design were functional and durable before rolling out its production. For example, one of the most sought after aspects among would-be small trimaran owners is a boat that is fast to set up in order to go sailing.

If a small trimaran takes an hour (or two) to set up in order to get it ready to go out on the water then that’s going to restrict its potential use. This is especially true for a “trailerable” boat, where the owner would love to take it for a nice daysail at different venues.

The Weta trimaran is probably about as easy to set up as you’re going to currently find. This includes attaching the supports for its amas and sail rigging combined. Click here to watch a short video of a Weta trimaran being set up to go sailing.

The whole process takes just 15 minutes (or less). Such a quick setup is extremely efficient.

If you’re looking for a bigger small trimaran … one that offers a dry, comfortable day sail for several adults, then the Weta isn’t for you. But if you’re in the market for a small trimaran that offers the fun and excitement of a beach cat (except better ;-) then check out the Weta.

My interview with Dave is a featured chapter in Small Trimarans: An Introduction. More information about the Weta trimaran can be found by clicking here.

And here are a couple more videos from YouTube: