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Australian sailor Daniel Robin recently acquired a small cruising trimaran and would like some help identifying it.

It’s a beautiful looking boat; that’s for sure. I specifically asked Daniel if the beams demount for trailing and he shares a bit of into about that particular feature below.

Any readers who might know something about this particular design are invited to share it in the Comments area below.

This is the sort of thing where the collective mind of the small tri community often provides amazing insights :-)

Daniel writes:

” I just bought a tri. I can’t find much information about it and the architect. I am told it is a

Queensland designed tri, from Hedley Nicol. It was sold to me as a 24 footer, (or maybe 25 as it is the only reference I have found).

Do you know anything about it?

It has 2 box like intrusions through the main hull, and the end beams from the akas fit in abut at half way mark. However the beams are really, from what I can see, superfluous, given that the amas are fully strutted with SS cables and are held up in full tension by the mast stays. So it is demountable.

The boxes/tunnels act as locators and are each backed up by a structural bulkhead. It makes for a very strong and light boat, and also safe as it is effectively divided in 3 waterproof sections. It also is not overly generous with its living quarters, unlike some floating hotels like the old Piver used to be.

The seller tells me how sweet the boat is, maneuverable and quick even in very light breeze.

I have wanted this boat for over ten years, admiring its beautiful lines. The seller is pleased to have someone who is enthusiastic to take over, and has helped me with dismantling and transport.

In time we will sail together… Making friends is what sailing is all about!

Considering the boat is 30 years old, and has lately been neglected, it is in good nick. One bulkhead has had water intrusion and is rotten, easy to replace, and the end beams of the akas have some root in them, also an easy job. I am relieved!

It would be great to know something about this boat. — Kind regards, Daniel”