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Here is an inflatable trimaran with unique claw-wing sail. (It’s another interesting one our friend Ian McGehee has found on the web.)

In my opinion, the sail itself is definitely the the most interesting part of this craft. Ian corresponded with a sailor who uses a rig similar to this on his catboat, which he shares with us below. Again, many thanks Ian. I’ve pulled the images below in from the server where the owner has published them.


Inflatable Trimaran with Claw Wing Sail
Ian writes:

I’ve been in touch with a guy about the updated crab claw/delta wing hybrid rig that a handful of people have been messing with, and he turned me on to this boat that you’ll definitely get a kick out of (comments are his) –

Some specs on it:
length – 16’8″
outriggers length – 8’3″
beam – 7′
weight – 50 lbs boat + 11 lbs rig
main hull diameter – 20″
outrigger diameter – 12.5″
main hull volume – 750 litres
outriggers – 140 litres

“No rigid frame, the beams are inflatable frames, with the volume of about 100 litres each. According to builder, it was a mistake to taper these inflatable beams – the tapered outer parts flexing too much
in strong winds.

It has a single wing-profile leeboard on the outside of the outriggers, switched on every tack.

The max speed is ~7.5 knots, 10+ knots surfing.Last summer this boat sailed 750nm in 45-days beach-cruise on the Lake Baikal. It’s not a sailrocket, but the performance is not bad for a cruising trimaran deployed from a backback!”

To see all of the photos posted about this inflatable trimaran go to http://fotki.yandex.ru/users/adubovskiy/album/136521/