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The PuddleCat Trimaran 12-footer looks like fun. It’s a small sailer designed and built by Roger Mann.

Roger’s description of this craft on his website is very concise, although I particularly love the first sentence:

The PC Trimaran 12 footer was built to be another very good go sailing anytime you have a spare hour boat. There is no setup except for installing the mast which takes around 30 seconds. Because it is 8.5 wide it is road legal as it is. The amas may be removed if you need to with only 4 bolts total. Also because of its width it has a wider beam and is more stable in rough conditions and because you have one ama out of the water and the ama in the water has less wetted area it is somewhat faster. Plans are currently not available and will not be offered until new prototype built and retested with improvements mods.

Roger is a member of the WaterTribe community (he goes by the name of JollyRoger). Be sure to check out JollyRoger’s Watertribe page because he describes the boat build for this PuddleCat tri.

I hope to feature more about it in an upcoming post. In the meantime, here are a few photos of this mini tri (which I am linking to directly from their published location on Roger’s site), along with the one YouTube video that he has published featuring it sailing under very light conditions.