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The new Searail 19 Trimaran is a brand new, 19-foot trailerable sailboat designed (in large part) by Nigel Irens. The entrepreneural force behind this production boat, however, is sailor Phil Medley, who has worked in the marine industry for many years.

Phil’s experience with multihulls really stands out with the development of this new boat too. As you read his comments and description of the craft, it’ll be evident that he has probably labored countless hours in order to bring it to market.

One of the main goals was to make a high-performance trimaran available to sailors for much less than they’d typically pay for similar production boats. You can check out the new Searail 19 Trimaran website for more information after reading Phil’s introductory comments here.

The impages below are from the Phil’s website, and are used with his permission. It’s great to be able to showcase this new trailer tri production model here!


Introducing the Searail 19 Trimaran
by Phil Medley

For the past 2 years I’ve been working with Nigel Irens and his team on a 19′ Trailer Tri design. Our goal was to build a light weight, affordable, hassle-free trailer trimaran which would appeal to a broader range of sailors.

We feel we’ve surpassed all these goals with the new SeaRail 19.

The SeaRail 19 will makes it’s world debut at the Newport, RI Boat Show in Sept. and is a nominee for the “Sailing World 2013 Boat of the Year” competition at the Annapolis Boat Show in Oct.

I was first introduced to sailing and multihulls in 1991 when I took a job with Corsair Marine. After 20 years of service, several ownership changes, a relocation to Vietnam, and 1700+ trimarans later – I finally called it quits to pursue my own interest in multihulls. (I’m currently living and manufacturing the SeaRail 19 in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam — the new hotspot for boat building).

I wanted to build a trimaran which would be financially obtainable to more sailors and offered some of the same sailing and trailering characteristics of some of the larger tris. Most challenges to developing this new model were overcome by working with one of the best designers in the world (Nigel Irens). Nigel and his team did an awesome job.

I first contacted Nigel in May of 2010. We built a full set of production molds and shipped the 1st boat in Jan 2012.

My personal enjoyment of this sailboat will come from daysailing on the Saigon River, while trying to develop a local sailing scene. The boat is a dream to sail – she is extremely well balanced and very responsive.

The Searail offers a performance similar to that of an F-18, but it’s a lot less frantic to sail. She is very stable and does not require the same level of athleticism the beach cats do. So, you get the same thrill with a lot less effort and stay dry doing it too.

The 1st boat is currently located in San Diego where the wind is generally light. We had her blasting across Mission Bay effortlessly at 14 knots, which was very exciting.

The Standard SeaRail 19 Trimaran Package includes the following:

-> F-18 Rig – watertight w/halyard lock
-> North Pentex boomless Main w/window (F-18 Main)
-> R/F Jib Self Tacking
-> Cunningham system
-> Traveller Track with single line control car
-> 6:1 Main sheet system
-> Rotator control tackle
-> Tiller extension
-> Dyneema knotless netting w/hiking straps (100 ft2 total netting)
-> Synthetic cap-shrouds
-> Mast Raising System
-> Forward and Aft mast supports
-> Composite Daggerboard/kick-up rudder
-> Composite rudder case and tiller handle
-> Lockable watertight companionway hatch
-> V-storage/single berth/location for a porta potty
-> Demountable/Folding System – folds on the trailer only
-> Galvanized Cradle with wheels, axles and foam covered fiberglass hull supports

Optional Gear may include:

-> Spinnaker Kit – Furling Spinnaker, Spinnaker pole, Ronstan continuous line furler and 2 ratchet control blocks
-> Cradle/Trailer conversion kit – includes spring kit, lights, hitch coupler, fenders, license bracket
-> Padded D/B Bag
-> Bunk Board
-> Second Tiller Extension
-> Outboard Mount
-> Porta Potty

Click here to find out even more about the Searail 19 Trimaran at www.searail19.com.