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In this post, I have the pleasure of introducing the Spirit 422 trimaran — a brand new model from Italy. It’s the creation of a couple aspiring and creative sailors who obviously love small, trailerable tris.

The designers, Daniel and Paul, contacted me a couple of weeks ago and provided the following photos. They hope to have a website put together soon, in addition to some YouTube videos.

I appreciate these guys reaching out to us here at smalltrimarans despite the language barrier. And I can’t wait to get more information from them. (Be sure to let us know when your website is up, okay guys :-)


The New Spirit 422 Trimaran

We are Daniel and Paul, builders of a small sailing trimaran not yet commercialized. The construction phase has now come to an end and now we are sailing with our earlier models.

We still do not have a website because we are not in possession of video footage and photographs good enough to describe the full product. These first images, even if they are totally amateur, serve to document the particular design of this model.

We believe we’re talking to a highly specialized audience who can understand our philosophy. For more information at this time, please contact us at the following email addresses:

paolo.roato AT gmail.com
d.rognoni AT teletu.it

Spirit 422 Trimaran Specs

Update: 06-07-17 – A couple YouTube clips from Paolo …