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zeta-14-trimaran-illustrationMultihull designer Richard Woods is on a “small trimaran roll” these days. He is about to release plans for another model … a 14-footer this time. It’s called The ZETA.

This sailboat is meant to be built quickly and affordably and especially with singlehanded sailing in mind. The webpage for the Zeta Trimaran can be found on Richard’s website here:

And pdf study drawings can be found here – http://www.sailingcatamarans.com/images/zeta.pdf

I asked Richard some questions about this boat and he offered the following tidbits below. Be sure to check out the information page on his site for even more details. (Thanks for sharing this with us Richard!)


Zeta 14ft Singlehanded Trimaran
By Richard Woods

The Zeta is designed to be really quick and simple to build and still have high performance.

It is based on the 14ft racing dinghy Zest but with simple deep V outriggers that just slot on. We built a Zest in 2 days, see here:

and here…


zeta-14-trimaranThe video was taken Sunday lunchtime. It was 5 sheets of plywood Friday morning.

You will recognize the mainsail from my Strike 15! I did consider a 420 rig, the mast will certainly work well but it really needs a shorter footed mainsail so I still need to find something suitable that is readily available if people don’t buy a new sail

A Hobie Wave sail would work, but I would add a boom – see http://www.intensitysails.com/howamasa.html for a look at the sails from one vendor.

In the UK a RS200 mainsail, a Blaze, an EPS would all work … lots of used rigs you could fit.

The Zeta main hull is similar to the Zest but a bit narrower. It does have a footwell, as indicated by the dotted line running along the top of the daggerboard case. The outriggers can be made from 2 sheets of ply, so you need 7 sheets 4mm and 1 sheet 6mm to build the whole boat. It could certainly be built in a week.

Plans will be available end of November (2015).

The Zeta is a bit like a 14ft version of the 10ft Duo/Tryst (lots of those building/sailing now BTW). Tryst details can be seen here: http://sailingcatamarans.com/index.php/designs/27-trimarans-under-25/428-tryst-trimaran


Sail Rig choices for this boat might include one taken from …

An International 420 … a Blaze Dinghy … or even a Hobie Wave sail would work too, although I’d add a boom.