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Is the boatbuilding method John Marples and Jim Brown called “Constant Camber,” which was used years ago to build slender hulls for trimarans and catamarans, still a viable method for boatbuilding? You bet it is.

As a matter of fact, it’s being used to construct a very large (and expensive) catamaran right now. So this methodology is a still a very serious option for anyone considering the building of a multihull … especially a trimaran!

I enjoyed a fascinating talk with multihull designer John Marpes about Constant Camber a couple months ago when I interviewed him for my upcoming book, “More Small Trimarans.” While the interview focused mainly on John’s small trimaran design known as the CC Cyclone 23 (which obviously means the “Constant Camber” Cyclone 23) he spent over 20 minutes talking to me at various portions of our discussion about the Constant Camber method … which is still great for multihulls.


I’ll let John do most of the talking in the audio (below). But the gist of the story here is that Constant Camber generally allows one to build more quickly and less expensively than with other wooden boatbuilding techniques. And the hull skins created in Constant Camber are going to have much more penetration resistance than standard plywood hulls sheathed in fiberglass and epoxy.

That’s pretty neat.

I asked John if I could take the portions from my interview that focused on the Constant Camber method and post it here on the site as a free mp3 download. He very kindly agreed. So you’re in for a real treat here, especially if you like to listen to mp3 audios on an iPod (or other audio player).

One thing to keep in mind though: I spliced together the different parts of our talk that focused on Constant Camber … so if portions of the audio seem to “jump around” in topic then this is the reason why. Aside from this issue, small tri builders (or those thinking about building a boat someday) should enjoy this :-)

Right click and choose, “Save As” in order to download to your PC’s hard drive (if you want) … or just listen online if you prefer. Right click and choose “Save As” to download the mp3 audio featuring John Marples talking about the Constant Camber building boatbuilding method to your PC’s desktop.


John Marples and his CC 23 small trimaran model is featured in my 2nd book — More Small Trimarans.