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Kayak sailor Eric Light has created larger amas for his double outrigger sailing kayak. So neat! And he says they accomplished exactly what they were meant to do, which is stand up to heavier wind.

To get a complete understanding of what Eric has done, see the previous entries about this boat project first here … and then here.

Eric shares the below info with us. And be sure to check out his boat blog too, which features this boat and other stuff.

Eric writes:

I completed the larger amas for my kayak and took it for a sail. It sails great!

I built the larger amas because the smaller ones were submerging in a moderate breeze. The larger ones stand up well to a stiff breeze

If people want to know what the new amas are made of, and how, it’s all on my blog. Here’s a page where I show some of the layers going together. One can go to prior and later entries to see the whole process – https://golightlythroughthisworld.blogspot.ca/2017/01/gluing-up.html