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little-tri-trimaran-at-dorestad-raidHere is a fun bit of info about a “Little Tri” in the Netherlands.

The builder/sailor of this boat, Hans, participated in the Dorestad Raid, which featured lots of other small boats. This sort of event is often loads of fun for small boat aficionados … and this one sounds like one of those affairs. See Han’s write-up below.

Although there is only one picture of the boat sailing at this Raid, there are a couple of neat photos of the boat at dock. (One of them being quite creative).

Thanks to boat designer Bernd Kohler for forwarding this to us.

Building plans for the Little Tri can be found at Duckworks.


An update about sailing activities with the Little Tri.
by Hans

little-tri-trimaran-at-dorestad-raidI participated in the “Dorestad Raid”, a sail and oar event that was held in the North of the Netherlands.
There were about 22 small sail/row boats and a big mothership for sleeping and dinner.

I was the first multihull to attend to this kind of event (at least in the Netherlands). All went well.
I could keep up with most of the rowers with my sculling oar.

Sailing I was one of the fastest boats (but not that much faster, and not when beating to windward). The only uncatchable boat was the “Wuptem”, a traditional looking rowing shell, but completely from carbon, with two finnjol rigs and a carbon folding propeller driven by cycle pedals.

little-tri-trimaran-creative-docking-2It was great fun sailing together with all kind of beautiful boats through the Frisian landscape.

I went home with the “Pride of the Fleet” prize , for being innovative, for good boat handling and seamanship. It was nice to see other small boat people recognizing my simple solutions. Especially sculling backwards got a lot of attention.

I hope to attend next year.