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macgregor-venture-hobie-trimaran-sailing-2Today we have the best update yet from sailor Travis Haggard regarding his self-styled, self-named “MacGregor Venture Hobie Trimaran.” Why do I say BEST UPDATE yet? Because the boat is now SAILING of course!

As you may recall, this boat came about as an idea to create a trimaran by attaching Hobie 18 hulls (for outriggers) to a used Macgregor Venture 21 sailboat. We first featured it here. Then posted an update on his building project here. And then posted another update here.

This is a serious DIY project. And it’s not for the foolish … or faint of heart.

How did things turn out? I’ll let Travis take it from here, but please do be sure to check out the comfortable sailing position of the one at the tiller in the 2nd video below :-)

Travis shares commentary, several pics and 2 videos with us below. (Many thanks for sharing this with us Travis!)


MacGregor Venture Hobie Trimaran Now Sailing
by Travis Haggard

I finally got my trimaran in the water for its first sail last week so I wanted to update you on the project as many people were very curious about how the boat would perform and whether the conversion would be successful or not.

I couldn’t be happier with the results so far.

The boat is very comfortable and roomy, which was one of my main goals of the design. It can be sailed from the cockpit or from the bench seats on the outriggers with the use of the tiller extension (which is one of my favorite spots to sail from so far because I can enjoy such a great view of the entire boat sailing from that position).

The boat sat perfectly in the water after she was fully rigged. The outriggers sit about 1 inch above the water which is exactly were I wanted them to be. I took her out sailing on my day off last Friday to see how the boat would perform.

The bad news is I only had 3 to 5 knots of wind all day so didn’t get to see how fast she will go in a decent blow. The good news is the boat tacks as easily and effortlessly as any monohull. Even in very light winds I had no problem tacking. This was one of the major concerns everyone had including myself so it was a relief to see it tack so well.

The boat seems to be balanced very well because there is no pressure on the tiller whatsoever. It is easily controlled with two fingers. The boat glides along very easily and moved well even in the light wind so I think it will perform well when I finally have the chance to sail her in a decent breeze.

Unfortunately, here in Florida, we don’t have much wind this time of year. The wind doesn’t really start blowing here until sometime around October so it may be another month or so before we will know how well it performs in 10+ knots of wind unless the sailing gods show me favor and give me a day with decent winds before then.

I will send you more videos and updates when I get a chance to sail her in the stronger winds. For now I am sending you a few pics of the boat in the water and a link to the video of the first sail in light winds for everyone to enjoy.







2nd Sailing Video from Travis below. He writes, “Here is a link to today’s sail in our Mac conversion trimaran. We had 10 to 12 knots of wind. We had a top speed of 8.4 sailing with the main only. We didn’t use the jib today because a bolt loosened on the rudder. We didn’t want to push it and possibly damage the rudder.”