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magregor-hobie-trimaran-3Sailor Travis Haggard shares an update here about his Macgregor Venture Hobie trimaran building project. This boat is looking really sharp.

Travis promises a report on its sea trials after it gets in the water. The boat is close to being ready. But as anyone who has ever built a boat can attest … a boat that is “close” to being done doesn’t necessary translate to being in the water “soon.”

Sometimes things work out nicely, of course. But at other times, as Jim Brown told me once upon a time, the boat just never seems to get finished no matter how close it seems that most of the work has been done.

So with that in mind, we wish Travis SPEEDY SUCCESS on getting the boat rigged and ready for sea trials.

(Thanks for sharing the pics below with us Travis! :-)


Travis wrote:

“Here are some pics of the progress on my trimaran conversion. I dropped her in the water for the first time today to see how she floats. I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Rigging and the rudder is next. I hope to have it ready for a test sail within the next month or so.”







… and …

“Here are a few more. The 2×4 post is a part of the pully system that makes the outriggers fold easily. I’ll eventually make a video of it in action.”