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macgregor-venture-hobie-trimaran-1Sailor Travis Haggard has a unique building project going on right now. He is attaching Hobie 18 hulls to use as outriggers on a Macgregor Venture 21 sailboat.

It looks pretty neat too. (See pictures below.) It’s going to be a 21-foot, foldable (and likely very comfortable when completed) trailerable trimaran.

Travis shared the following via email…

I have followed your site for years. It’s a great site for small trimaran lovers so I figured I’d send you a few pics of my trimaran project. It’s a Macgregor Venture 21 with Hobie 18 hulls for the outriggers.

I raised the cabin area for comfortable seating in the cabin. I also decided to make bench seats instead of using trampolines for the sitting area. I’ll send you more pics and details when it’s completed.

Can’t wait to see the finished pics. I’m also interested in hearing about how well this boat performs. This one reminds me of another boat I posted about a few years ago. I hope Travis enjoys similar success with this one!