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The Malabar trimaran pics below come to us from “Nic” who is offering his boat for sale. More info about the Malabar can be found here.

Nic writes:
“Joe, I remember reading a discussion on your website … about a malabar trimaran. I was lucky enough to find one a few years ago and I can confirm that it is a pleasure to sail on this little fast and light trimaran. I received many compliments and many find it very pretty … it turns heads.
Congratulations to monsieur chevalier, the designer. A very original design and very well built. But I decided to sell my boat because I just bought another small sailboat with a cabin. It would be nice to find someone who could appreciate this rare trimaran. Thanks!
Best regards, Nic”

Nic lives near Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached via his email address: baladi7277 AT gmail.com