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Meermark developer Thomas von Meer sent me the following specs and other info recently. This M17 update is a good follow-up to the previous post.


2016 Wrap Up & Testing:

We’ve been busy in 2016 testing our M17’s in the United Kingdom, USA, Italy and Germany, following the best sailing conditions and getting out in a variety of locations. We have had great fun sailing on bays, Italian and German lakes and even on the Potomac River in Virginia!

Along with our naval architect, sailmaker, builder and sailors with a wide range of experience, we have worked hard to optimize performance while maintaining our ethos to utmost simplicity, thereby ensuring safety and fun for all levels of sailors.

Working with the International Marine Certification Institute in 2016 we also completed our “CE” Certification and worked with the U.S. Coast Guard to ensure that M17s are fully compliant for sale within the USA!

What we are still working on:

Our website www.meermark.com will be updated in the coming weeks.

We are also testing trampolines for in between the beams that will still allowing for paddling when winds are light.


We begin 2017 with production underway and M17s ready to ship worldwide! Currently M17’s are shipping within 90 to 120 days from date of order, though this may change based on demand. All M17’s come completely equipped, with standard hull colors of red, yellow, blue and white.

Marketing and Sales:

We are pleased at the tremendous response and interest from such a broad range of potential M17 buyers. Individual sailors, boat rentals, sailing schools, hotels, resorts and clubs that help disabled sailor get on the water have contacted us, confirming the universal appeal of our M17s.

If you would like to speak with us about purchasing your own M17 or wish to discuss representing us in your area, please contact us: sales AT meermark.com