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I heard from Thomas von Meer yesterday, the proprietor of Meermark Ltd. The 2018 versions of the Meermark M17 double outrigger canoes are now in the first phase of production.

This new production boat has been posted about previously here and also here.

We had a great conversation on the phone and the most interesting part of it was our discussion about the new centerboard addition. Thomas said the new spring loaded centerboard allows for both ease-of-use and increased upwind sailing performance in the boat. It still allows, however, for sailors to maintain the ability to sail in just inches of water with the board in retracted position.

The centerboard retracts into the main hull underneath the front seat. The sailor, sitting in the front seat of that main center hull, is able to pull the board either up or down using a control line attached to a quick release cleat.

M17 hulls, offered in blue, yellow, red, or white color, can be made with either new and recycled plastic. (The company plans on posting more information about this no their website coming the months).

You’ll want to contact Meermark via their website if you’re interested in obtaining one of these boats or have any specific questions.

Thomas said the M17s can be shipped worldwide and the company is also interested in speaking with potential distributors in the United States and Europe.