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meermark-trimaran-double-outrigger-sailing-canoe-1Ever heard of the Meermark double outrigger sailing canoes? No? That’s okay.

I only recently found out about them … thanks to small tri friend Tony Watermann (Thanks Tony).

As Tony noted, they appear to be somewhat similar to, but perhaps less costly, than Windrider 17s and others. I tried to contact Meermark’s manufacturers directly, at least twice, and get some more info from them. They never responded to my questions.

Not a problem though … little ole’ me just wanted to clarify some things :-)

I wanted to find out, for example, if these boats are now in actual production and available for sale at the time of this writing. Since I never received a reply I can’t say for sure. If anyone has any meaningful info about these Meermark craft and wants to share then please feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, here is what is written on the “About” page on their website:

The M17 Sail has been designed for optimum performance and ease of use.

It’s one sheet rig mechanism allows the sail to self trim giving the sailor maximum control with minimum fuss.

Being fully battened, the sail is stable in design and works in sync with the sailors input to give controlled acceleration and power.

The whole rig has been developed to appeal to every level of user from first time sailors to more experienced racers.

It’s as simply as sheet in to go as fast as you like, and ‘if in doubt, sheet out’ to slow down.

I’ve linked the images below directly to ones posted on the Meermark website

More photos can be found here. And there are a few short videos of of the boat under sail here.

*** Update: 01-27-17 – Click here to view a new post about Meermark that is now published.