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Challenger trimarans are based in the UK. I wish they were on this side of the Atlantic too. (I’ve wanted to sail one ever since learning the story of how they came about a number of years back).

I’ve done a bit of corresponding with sailor Dawn Smith over the past couple weeks. She is highly skilled sailor who badly injured her back while navigating her cruising vessel in a huge storm in 2013. Dawn has been researching the best way for her to get back onto the water for awhile.

Especially what sort of boat to sail.

Dawn’s research has led to daysailing trimarans. Specifically, the Challenger trimaran. These boats have been enjoyed by all types of sailors, but have been especially helpful to individuals dealing with mobility challenges.

Dawn has currently re-positioned her sailing blog to focus on her sailing a borrowed Challenger trimaran. I am looking forward to her new stories and adventures on the water. I think many of our readers will enjoy following her story as well. Below is the lead-in of Dawn’s newest blog entry (at the time of this writing):

A New Beginning
by Dawn Smith

I decided to redo my blog as my enthusiastic purchase of Freyja the Westerly Centaur was tinged with sadness and regret when I had to sell her a month later, as it was clear I could not cope with all the work required to make her ready for sea.

As anyone who reads my blog will know, my single-handed ocean sailing came to an abrupt halt in 2013 when I injured my spine in a fall on the foredeck during heavy weather, sailing Windway my Joshua 40 steel ketch and I have been in recovery ever since.

Windway has been sold to a doctor from Stockholm and he is now mooring her at the bottom of his garden in South Koster, Western Sweden. I have been invited to go and sail with him, but this will depend on my mobility, as Windway has a steep companionway, which for the present would be too difficult to negotiate in harbour and I feel impossible once she is carrying sail and heeled over at 20 degrees. It is a nice thought to sail on my old boat with her new owner, but for now I will just have to keep in touch with Ola on Facebook and follow their progress that way

To say I miss sailing is an understatement. Click here to continue reading on Dawn’s blog…