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Sailor Jim Gallant shares an update here regarding the mini-Hydroptere trimaran he has been building. He shares some great pics with us below.

Jim writes:

I’m hoping to launch my foiling tri modeled after a 1990s Hydroptere prototype this coming Saturday. I have landscapers coming to clear debris and logs from my beach so I’ll be able to roll my dolly from my yard into the water. See attached pics of the completed boat.

Note the close up picture of the rudder attachment hardware. There’s a sliding tongue for the upper gudgeon so the t-foil rudder angle of attack can be adjusted while sailing. Also the double rudders, one for non-foiling mode and then the t-foil. I’m a bit nervous about whether the whole thing will work or not after nearly 2 years of work on it. I’ve built adjust ability into things, so I should be able to tweak things as needed. Still…

Will update again after my sea trials.

Update 09/12-17: Jim posted his first results from sea trials in the comments area below…